Bill Gates Reveals What He Learned From Warren Buffett About Work-Life Balance and Self-Assessment

Sure, Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people alive. That doesn’t mean he knows everything though. Everyone has something left to...

Larry Ellison: Steve Job Story

Larry Ellison -Discover Yourself Larry Ellison gives a speech about his relationship with Steve Jobs and how Jobs made him realize that it's not all...

Sunny Jacobs: The Woman Who Found Her Purpose In Prison

Sunny Jacobs is an activist who uses her gentle yet powerful voice to help those who have been convicted of a crime they didn't...

How This Millionaire Business Owner Went From Poverty Stricken to Personal Coach Extraordinaire

Best-selling author, multi-millionaire, life coach Christian Mickelsen is dedicated to helping people around the world improve their lives. Today, he’s the owner of a multi-million...

Woman Loses 90 Pounds By Making Small Changes That Add Up

Ali Shinn spent years in denial before she felt ready to make a change. Her transformation story resulted in her dropping 90 pounds.

Ed Sheeran’s Life Story: How a Bullied Ginger Boy Became Britain’s Biggest Music Success

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Jake Patricio

Determined Man Loses Over 100 Pounds by Channeling His Anger as Motivation

Jake Patricio began his weight loss transformation after stepping on an industrial scale at work one day to find he weighed 349 pounds.

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