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Determined Man Overcomes Addiction After Years Of Self-Sabotage

Alex Tillisch hopes to help others overcome their addiction, whatever it is, by sharing his powerful story with alcohol addiction.

Woman Loses 340 Pounds After Major Wake-Up Call

In her early thirties, Tina Cole Campbell had reached the critical weight of 500 pounds. Her health had already deteriorated but she also received a devastating diagnosis of uterine cancer. After being told she would not live past the age of 40, Tina decided to turn her life around.

Woman Loses Nearly 100 Pounds By Tackling Her Inner Demons

Clairebelle Burt had been struggling with an undiagnosed eating disorder for years and it was not until she was diagnosed that she could get healthier.

Woman Loses 114 Pounds By Confronting Her Relationship with Food

Sydney Wolf is an overachiever who had been prioritizing work over her own physical health but she committed to lose weight by making two changes.

Man Loses 60 Pounds To Donate Kidney To Twin Brother

When James Ingley found out his twin brother needed a kidney transplant, he immediately set to lose the weight in order to be a viable donor.

Woman Loses 85 Pounds By Sticking To A New Year’s Resolution

Shannon Bartlett had been overweight since childhood and all her attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful until she made this New Year's commitment.
Jake Sikora

Man Loses Nearly 140 Pounds After A Triple Diagnosis

At the age of 35, Jake Sikora's weight brought on health complications so he began a gradual, but effective weight loss journey.

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