Tips for scoring freelance writing gigs online 2

Tips for Scoring the Freelance Writing Gig of Your Dreams

Monetary crunch can be a devastating state to be in. Especially for freelance-based workers like writers, a regular flow of work is extremely crucial...

5 Genius Business Ideas to Inspire You to Become Your Own Boss

Every year, innovative businesses that blow everyone away are born. Disruptive business concepts generally trigger reactions such as “Why didn’t I think of that?!” “I...

How to Be Ruthlessly Intentional with Your Time (Because You Have No Other Choice)

For years, since the birth of my son, I’ve been placed in a situation where I had a lot I wanted to do and...

Yes, Rejection Hurts – Here’s How to Turn it Into a Source of Motivation

Rejection sucks. It doesn’t matter how many times you get hit with it, it always stings. And worse, it often leaves you feeling even less...
blue marble ball in focus on a wooden floor nature

5 Simple Steps to Stay Focused

In a world full of distractions every second, every minute and every hour of the day, it becomes difficult to stay focused and keep...
Checklist to Success - Blueprint to Reaching Your Goals

Your Checklist to Success: The 7-Step Blueprint to Reaching Your Goals

In the past year, I’ve been fortunate enough to sit down with entrepreneurs, athletes, actresses, coaches, authors, and world travelers who are on the path...
Liam Cormier shot by Benoit Rousseau

Dead Set on Living: How Going “Straight Edge” Manifested Greatness for Liam Cormier

The singer and founding member of punk band Cancer Bats brought his musical dreams to fruition by going straight edge.

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