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CReativity Hacks for When Your Is on Holiday

Creativity Hacks for When Your Muse Is on Holiday

Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer or employee, maintaining inspiration and creativity is vital for your business and professional growth. Inspiring employees, creating content for clients,...

The Power of Writing to Heal and Improve

Words have power. Writers, intellectuals and influencers have known about the power of ideas for centuries. The written word has enabled people to record...
How art healed my life and can enhance yours

My Soul Awoke: How Art Healed Me, and Can Help You Too

I remember the day in March 2011 when I was told to pack my bags and get ready to leave the country in a...

Should You Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Career?

Many of us have a creative hobby that we explore on the side, and maybe you've even thought about pursuing it as a career. But have...
Giving a speech in front of an audience

How To Write The Perfect Speech To Wow Your Audience

For professionals in the media industry, speech writing is an essential part of their job. It may be a movie star, a popular celebrity,...

How Sylvester Stallone Got The Idea For Rocky

"Stand up to life, and take one shot." - Sylvester Stallone

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