Denzel Washington – You Already Have It (Inspirational)

Denzel Washington gives an inspiring speech on how each and every one of us has a different gift and we have to use them...
These Voices Inside Your Head Make or Break Your Motivation

These Voices Inside Your Head Make or Break Your Motivation

You know that overwhelming feeling of defeat you get when, no matter what you say to yourself, you can’t motivate yourself to get to...

Yes, Rejection Hurts – Here’s How to Turn it Into a Source of Motivation

Rejection sucks. It doesn’t matter how many times you get hit with it, it always stings. And worse, it often leaves you feeling even less...

How Your Best Friends Can Sabotage Your Success

Be honest… Are your friends helping or hurting your overall success in life? Do they motivate and hold you accountable to achieving your goals or...

Deepak Chopra Reveals the Insane Amount of Activity He Fits Into His Day of...

Dr. Deepak Chopra is a wellness expert and the king of the alternative medicine space, so it’s no surprise he spends his average...

This Woman Lost 336 Pounds By Committing To A Better Life

At 514 pounds, Brittany May knew she had to make a change, as even her daily activities were difficult to accomplish. So, she started her transformation.

High School Dropout Becomes Lawyer And Frees Her Innocent Brother From Prison

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a specific career, be it medicine, firefighting or law. For one Betty Anne Waters, becoming a lawyer was a decision she simply had to make and it was one that changed her whole life.

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