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Man with a beard talking into a microphone and an elderly judge looking at him.

Man Faces Hefty Fine For Running a Red Light - Then the Judge Learns Why He Did It

We’re getting better as a society about talking about trauma and grief and the pain that comes with certain experiences. Doing so can put us on a path toward healing. But so can kindness, which one judge exemplified when a grieving motorist came into his courtroom one day.

Judge Calls Single Mom Irresponsible for Her 14 Parking Tickets - Then She Made a Plea That Changed His Mind
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Judge Calls Single Mom Irresponsible for Her 14 Parking Tickets - Then She Made a Plea That Changed His Mind

Usually calm and cool, even Providence’s Judge Frank Caprio has times when he has to be stern. This would be one of them, yet true to form, he wrapped it in a warm bow. A Mother of 4 Shares Her Story With Judge CaprioPhoto by PNW ProductionOn this day, Tristan Fields stood before him. And boy did she have more than this court date weighing on her mind. Her car had been 'booted,’ meaning a device was clamped to its wheel to prevent her from driving it. Fields needed that car to transport precious cargo. In this case, it would be her 4 kids ages 4 to 13 years old. They depended on her to take them to school daily, so this was a big problem. When asked about the car, Fields said, "I had registered it for my kids' father a couple of years ago. We've been separated for almost three years and I failed to get the plates back from that car."Fields added that she hadn't been in contact with the father, leaving the burden of the bill on her.Judge Caprio Gives Single Mother Some Tough LovePhoto by Ekaterina BolovtsovaBefore Caprio got done counting all thirteen tickets, Fields said, "I know it looks extensive." He noticed that they were all overnight parking tickets, so she’d left her vehicle in front of her house overnight.He asked her why. “Just being exhausted, your Honor,” she said. She works 30 to 40 hours a week as a medical assistant to support her kids.“When are you gonna learn your lesson,” asks Caprio. “I learned it," she replied, adding that she now has a parking space for the car.That's when Fields made her plea."I'm just trying to get my life together. I understand I do owe on parking tickets. I don't wanna be negligent to that, but I'm trying to get my life in order. I'm raising my children on my own, and doing the best that I can."That's when the usually jolly judge got tough with the single mother. "I understand that it's tough, you don't have money, that the last thing on your mind is paying parking tickets because you have to feed the kids... that's your priority," he started.But he said, "It’s irresponsible of you to give me an excuse like ‘I’m tired,’ we’re all tired," adding, “These tickets are foolish." Caprio said that while she's a good loving mother, "You're doing something that's hurting that good part of you by being irresponsible."However, it was at that moment that Caprio switched from lecture to love. How Judge Caprio Helped a Mother of 4Photo by Vladimir Solomianyi"I wanna help you." For those familiar with Judge Caprio's videos, his court often receives donations from around the world that he can use to help others. On this day, he told Fields of one such man, Steven Foraquin, from Texas. In an envelope letter containing six $50 bills was a letter from Foraquin. "As I sit far away in Midland, Texas, my heart breaks for those before you who just need a little break," he wrote."I'm going to use one of those to help pay for your fine," said Caprio as the courtroom broke out in applause. Caprio added that it will be enough to remove the boot from her car, so the kids will again have a ride to school. That brought Fields' bill to $250. In the middle of discussing a payment plan, Caprio suddenly stopped."I'm not gonna waste the city's resources chasing the father of your children, because it's gonna be an exercise in futility," he said. He said that the tickets go back over 5 years, and they will never find him. In short, they will never get the money.And so, Caprio used his gavel as a wand. "I'm gonna take a big burden off your head," he said as he dismissed the tickets.The only thing the judge asked of Fields? "Pay this, move the car, and continue to be a good mother."How Judge Caprio Proves That Firm and Fair Wins the RaceIn a rare Providence moment, Caprio spoke to the camera after the proceedings."Many of you may think I was being too harsh on her," he said, with her being a single mother of 4. Yet, Caprio said that it's the exact reason why he's tough, "she doesn't have the luxury of making excuses."Rather, he says, "She has a responsibility to make good choices." With that, he wished Fields all the best.There's a saying that says that good friends talk smack about you to your face and good about you behind your back. We should all be so lucky to have friends like this one kind judge in Providence. More from Goalcast:Judge Pays Man’s Fine After He Walks 1.5 Hours With Only 98 Cents in His Pocket — But Gives Him This One ConditionJudge Issues a $400 Fine to Struggling Homeless Woman Who Has Only $5 – Her Tragic Story Changes His MindStruggling Single Mom Is Summoned to Courtroom – Judge Issues Her a $350 Fine but Then Changes His Mind

Judge Pays Mans Fine After He Walks 1.5 Hours With Only 98 Cents in His Pocket  But Gives Him This One Condition
Uplifting News

Judge Pays Mans Fine After He Walks 1.5 Hours With Only 98 Cents in His Pocket But Gives Him This One Condition

It’s not uncommon for people to fall upon hard times, especially in today’s world. So when you hear about a story of a good person getting a deserved break, you can’t help but get the warm and fuzzies inside. That’s exactly how we feel after hearing about this man who had his day in court and the inspiring parting message one judge had for him.Falling Upon Hard TimesThere are all kinds of cases on Chief Judge Frank Caprio’s TV show, Caught in Providence. That is, after all, where “real people have their cases heard.” But one recent case inspired plenty of people after it aired, thanks to the judge’s kind actions and his powerful message.In a clip shared on the show’s Facebook page, viewers met a motorist named Daniel Murray, who showed up to court with less than a dollar to his name. He had been summoned for parking violations that totaled $250 in fines. Unfortunately, Murray wasn’t in a position where he could afford to pay them off.“I have no money. Not right now,” he said, noting he had $0.98 in his bank account and that he currently runs youth lacrosse programs, which hadn’t yet started up for the season.Murray also revealed he had walked to court that morning, a five-mile walk that took him about an hour and a half. He also planned on walking home once court was finished. At that point, all Murray was asking for was to be able to defer the tickets until his cash flow increased.Getting a Break in CourtWhether it was Murray’s story, his penchant for helping the youth, his commitment to getting to court, or his great manners, Judge Caprio was impressed. He noted how someone had donated $25 to his Philomena Fund, named after his mother, just that morning. He then told Murray to take the money.“I want you to take an Uber so you don't have to walk back,” he explained, waving the cash at him.The motorist refused at first and insisted he didn’t mind, but then he graciously accepted the funds. “Thank you very much. You saved me a great deal of time today — and money.”The judge’s good mood didn’t end there. “We're gonna help you out with these fines,” he continued. “We're going to use this fund to pay for your fine, so you're gonna be all set… Let’s hope things turn out for you.”Murray was flabbergasted at the kind and unexpected gesture. “Wow, thank you so much. That's more than generous,” he finally said.But the Judge Had One Condition As Judge Caprio continued explaining where the money was going to come from, he revealed there was a condition. Murray, believing the judge wanted him to turn his life around, promised he wouldn’t get any more tickets and that Caprio would not see him back in court. But that wasn’t what the judge meant at all.Instead, the judge wanted Murray to remember how he felt at that moment. And when the time came, he wanted Murray to give back as well.“That’s our part; you have to do your part,” he said. “You have to help somebody else. There are an awful lot of people out there who have similar problems, and you are going to be in a situation to help them,” he continued.“Don't forget them. Remember how you felt? So you have to give back.”The Importance of Paying It ForwardOne of the reasons this story is getting so much traction is that Judge Caprio’s parting message is a universal lesson. Who among us hasn’t been down in life? And how heartwarming is it when someone else steps in to help you?Through his actions, the judge reminds us that we all have the power to help make a difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t have to be huge; it could be a $25 donation for a person to take an Uber home. Or it could look completely different, like volunteering your time with a youth group, coaching a sport, or donating to a worthy cause.The point is we all go through hard times. But when things are going well, it’s important to give back. After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than living a life full of balance.