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Teen With Cancer Invites Taylor Swift to His  Prom but She Rejects It - Then She Does This
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Teen With Cancer Invites Taylor Swift to His Prom but She Rejects It - Then She Does This

"I don't know what else to say. I was just trying not to throw up."One Sister’s Post of FaithPhoto by Brett JordanSiblings look out for each other, so when Victoria McGuire sees her brother Kevin struggle with his big day looming, she swings into action. It's a wild plan, but you only live once. Per CBS, with the motivation to help her bro, Victoria takes to Facebook, closes her eyes and clicks send. And waits. And waits. Then the improbable alert notice pops up on the screen. When they see the response, the hospital room erupts with cheers and clapping. "I don't know what else to say," said a stunned Kevin. "I was just trying not to throw up."18-year-old Kevin McGuire is at New Jersey's Children's Hospital undergoing cancer treatment. With prom day inching closer -- which happens to fall on his birthday -- he's worried that hair loss from the treatment will keep him from landing a prom date. When he shares this with Victoria, they decide to send a star-studded promposal. A Pop PromposalPhoto by Raphael LovaskiThe title of Victoria's post says it all: 'Taylor Swift Please Take Kevin McGuire To The Prom.' Sadly, the megastar declined, but she did have a question of her own."Kevin, I'm so sorry but I won't be able to make it to your prom. But I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up.. Would you be my date? Love, Taylor."Good thing that Kevin had a nurse on standby, as that would knock any teen over. An ecstatic Kevin replied, "I have cancer. Cancer doesn't have me. Taylor, I would love to go with you."And with that, Kevin went from dateless to famous. However, fame has its challenges and for Kevin, it's called cancer. After an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant from his younger brother, Kevin was too sick to leave the hospital. This time, he would be the one who would have to bow out. Yet just when it looked like the magic moment was lost, he receives a phone call that changes everything. A Red Carpet EveningFast forward a year. Kevin picks up the phone, and it's from the Academy of Country Music Awards, inviting him and his family out to the event's festivities.And with that, the McGuires are scooped up in a lavish white limousine and driven out to Las Vegas, Nevada for a night to remember. Pulling up to the hotel, they are ushered to the 12-time Grammy winner's room, where she is getting ready for the show as a nominee and performer. The night's a success, as they all hang out in the hotel room, talk and snap pictures.A starstruck Kevin gushed via Twitter: 'If you guys think she's pretty in pictures, I can't tell you how stunning she is in real life.'So much for worrying about being dateless.How Taylor Swift Reminds Us That an Ounce of Hope Is Worth a Pound of CurePer TasteOfCountry, Kevin describes that night as so much more than meeting a star. “Going through what we’ve been through … it’s symbolic, in a way. It started my chapter with my cancer. Now it’s behind me; I can close the book on it.”With a clean bill of health and star-studded self esteem, you can bet that the sky's the limit for his life story's next chapters. Kevin's story is proof that while we might feel down and out, it just takes a ray of hope to let the light shine in.More from Goalcast:Tweets Expose What Taylor Swift Has Been Secretly Doing During Her Eras Tour – And It’s Not Something She’s PublicizingKobe Bryant’s Surprise To Taylor Swift That Created A Legendary BondTaylor Swift Finds Out Her Pregnant Fan Is Homeless – Shocks Everyone by Buying Her a House

Solar Plexus Chakra: The Meaning of the 3rd Chakra
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Solar Plexus Chakra: The Meaning of the 3rd Chakra

The Chakra system explores how energy impacts and guides our holistic wellness, including our personal power. While chakras that are out of balance can manifest themselves as physical sensations and illnesses, they also act as a form of consciousness and connection to the universe. Chakra is also spelled Cakra, Sanskrit C̣akra. It means “wheel,” and refers to any of a number of psychic-energy centres of the body where bodily functions “merge and interact with each other.” Psychic energy is that which is said to be unexplained or inexplicable by natural laws. There are an estimated 88,000-114,000 chakras situated in the human body, according to Britainnica and Healthline, respectively.Six or seven are considered major chakras. The seven major chakras include: Root Chakra (Muladhara): Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine (tailbone). It represents your central foundation.Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana): Your sacral chakra is located along your spine in your lower abdomen. It’s associated with sexual energy and reproductive health. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): Your solar plexus chakra is located along your spine and above the navel, in the upper abdomen in the stomach area. It’s said to be responsible for the “butterfly in stomach feeling” or the “gut feeling.” Heart Chakra (Anahata): Your heart chakra is located in your chest. It’s what’s said to hurt when your heart aches from grief and loss. Throat Chakra (Vishuddha): Your throat chakra is located in your throat and is associated with communication skills or communication problems. People who have been in abusive relationships or grew up in unhealthy households may have to develop a connection to their throat chakra later in life. This is what we call “finding our voice.”Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna): Your third-eye chakra is located at the third-eye location in between your eyebrows and above the top of the nose bridge.Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): Your crown chakra is located at the “crown” of the skull. It’s associated with higher consciousness, connection to God or Goddess, or higher power.What Is chakra healing?Chakra healing is all about unblocking energy or removing negative energy in your body that is preventing the proper flow of your energy wheels. (Helin Loik-Tomson / Getty)You can have blocks in all your chakras if you’re new to knowing they exist or your body is storing trauma. You may also only have a block in a particular chakra, like the solar plexus chakra. Working with the idea of energy flowing, though, you can take the right steps explained below (sometimes dubbed “self-care”) to unblock your chakras. The solar plexus chakra meaning Your solar plexus chakra is associated with inner confidence, self esteem, and listening to and asserting yourself and your true needs. When it’s out of balance, we leave ourselves more vulnerable to self-harming behaviors such as self-abandonment and self-compromise. We may struggle with low self esteem and have a hard time seeing the positive qualities we bring to the world. In this state, it’s difficult to feel motivated to reach our full potential. The manipura chakra governs personal power and identity but it is also connected to digestive health and metabolism. Here we can see the emerging intuitive understanding of the brain-gut connection or mental health and mood connection to our gut health. Working to balance the Manipura chakra honors this holistic way of looking at personal health, and can even be a way to mitigate the negative effects of digestive system disorders.What does Manipura mean?Manipura is a Sanskrit word with several accepted English translations including:Mani = jewelPura = place or cityCity of jewelsLotus gemLustrous gemHome of our ego and confidence(Manipura / Getty)Quick facts about the manipura, or third chakraLocation: Upper abdomen in the stomach area (couple fingers or inches above navel but under breast bone area).What it controls: Elements of personal power including self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteemColor: YellowAnimal: RamElement: Fire (manifests as heat in the solar plexus)Stone: AmberAssociated shape: Downward triangle; represents spreading of energy for growth and positive development. Start to balance chakras with a scan of your physical bodyYou can begin listening to what your chakras are signaling by doing a body scan. It can be challenging or even uncomfortable trying to quiet the mind at first, so do this in a safe space where interruptions will be minimized. Clear negative energy from the space with an aromatherapy mist or incense burning.Suggestions for body scanning for your solar plexus chakra:Lie down on your back with a pillow under your kneesPlace your hands over your stomach area (overtop your navel)Close your eyes and take a deep breath, exhaling any negative energyHow does your breath feel coming into your body? Does your diaphragm rise and fall fully? Is the oxygen feeling stuck? What emotions are coming up?If you need to stop here and begin working on balancing your manipura chakra, do so. If you’d like to continue, ask yourself the following:What do you feel?What shape is the feeling?What color?Is it cold, hot, heavy, etc.?What do you want to do with it?Oftentimes we can work through the energy blocks in our bodies by mentally bringing ourselves through the process. This is advanced level inner energy work and is best for people who have worked with an energy healer or trauma therapist before.Signs of an imbalanced solar plexus chakraTraditionally speaking, there are signs of imbalance associated with each particular chakra. Some of these signs can also be signs of underlying health conditions that may require treatment with a medical doctor. It’s always safest to use all the resources you have to ensure you’re taking care of all aspects of your health.Signs include:Domineering attitudeAggressivenessNot feeling motivated in lifeLow self esteemDifficulty making decisionsDigestive issuesSick to stomach feeling Signs of a balanced solar plexus chakraA person with a balanced solar plexus chakra walks with a certain humble assuredness in themselves. They are the wise listeners rather than the loud talkers in a crowd. They are in tune with their goals, passions, and personal power. They do not spend time on gossip, putting others down, or questioning their personal actions. People with a balanced solar plexus chakra also find greater ease in reversing negative thought patterns because their sense of self is strong. Signs include:Empowered attitudeCalmnessPassionateStrong self-esteemSense of self and life’s purposeHealthy metabolismHealthy appetiteThe benefits of healing the solar plexus chakraThe exact benefits of healing the solar plexus chakra will depend upon your personal healing journey and where you are in the process. Regardless of your starting point, though, doing inner work can go a long way into balancing your energy wheel or wheels. Be prepared for the feeling of releasing negative energy. This can feel overwhelming at first but will be ultimately relieving. When you spend time opening your manipura chakra, you may experience personal growth, a stronger sense of self, greater respect for your inner intuition or gut feelings, and the ability to say no to things that no longer serve you. (Jay Yuno / Getty)Saying no includes rejecting negative energy and reversing negative thought patterns holding you back from your true potential. How to open your solar plexus ChakraYou can open your solar plexus chakra on your own terms (in solo practice) or with the help of someone experienced in energy and/or trauma work. Some examples include: Reiki workers, energy workers, light workers, energy healers, trauma-informed therapists or counsellors who can talk to you about somatic pain and somatic body work and guide you through the advanced steps mentioned above. Working in this same way with religious guides, spiritual guides, or similar is also an option. Working with more than one type of professional is wise to get a multifaceted treatment approach that covers all bases.Yoga Poses for Balancing the Solar Plexus ChakraChallenging yoga poses for opening and balancing your solar plexus chakra are typically those that focus on stretching and strengthening your core area. Yoga is typically practiced in a session where you warm up your muscles before doing deeper stretches like these popular ones for opening the third chakra: Navasana AKA boat pose(PM Images / Getty)Kapalabhati pranayama or breath of fireAnjali mudra or prayer pose/prayer positionParivrtta Trikonasana or revolved or inverted triangle poseBhujangasana AKA cobra poseConsider joining a practice with a teacher and other students or following one of the many online yoga videos for opening your third chakra. Watching someone else and getting help with body adjustments helps prevent injuries and ensure you’re getting the most of your practice. The best crystals for solar plexus chakra healingWhen it comes to crystal healing and your solar plexus chakra, go for yellows and fiery stones that speak to you on a deep level. It’s always preferable to choose your stones in person so you can feel which ones you’re most attracted to. If this isn’t an option, be sure to ask the seller about their sourcing standards to ensure you’re working with the real deal.Popular choices of crystals and stones include:CitrineTiger’s Eye(Kostrikina Myroslava / Getty)AmberCalciteCarnelianLemon quartzYellow JasperGolden heliodorPyriteSunstoneWays people use crystals in holistic healing include:Wear them as jewelry around the wrist, neck, or fingers. Carry a little satchel of stones and keep them in your pocket, purse, or home. Add the crystals to a healing bath with optional elements like epsom salts, dried flowers, essential oils.Add the crystals to your meditation session (hold them, make a crystal grid, place them in your altar area).Place the crystals under your bed at the solar plexus area while you sleep.Aromatherapy for manipura chakra healingThere are certain plants (herbs, flowers, trees, berries) that may be used in aromatherapy practices like diffusing, burning, and melting. When it comes to working with new ingredients, pay the most respect to the natural gifts by saying a small thank you or by directly asking the herb, for example, what exactly you need or want from it. The best aromas for solar plexus chakra healing are those that are:SweetFieryWoodyWarmingRestoring Examples of essential oils or incense for manipura healing include:MyrrhSandalwood(Getty)Atlas cedarwoodYlang ylangLemongrassHelichrysumLavenderBlack pepperPositive affirmations for healing the manipura chakraThere are mantras also known as positive affirmations or positive life quotes you can say to help balance the solar plexus chakra, too. These sayings can help you feel motivated in your personal power sourcing journey. People typically include mantra work into a meditation or yoga session, but you can make a mantra-only session as well. It may be helpful to sit down with a journal and pen and write down which mantras speak to you. If something else feels better to repeat, write that down and listen to your intuition. The most powerful mantra will be the one you have the strongest pull toward and feel the best saying aloud. Some positive affirmation for manipura chakra healing examples include:I listen to my inner intuition at all times.I honor what my body needs and am open to receiving its messages.I release past wounds that have hurt my self-confidence and I forgive myself for mistakes made while self-abandoning.I love and accept my inner voice and value my own opinion and perspective.I am valid in my feelings and will honor what they need from me.Give yourself graceEnergy work is tiring before it’s rejuvenating! Go easy on yourself and treat each session of working with things like crystals, yoga poses, and aromatherapy a procedure of sorts. Drink lots of water afterwards, rest and move your body as needed, and be gentle with any emotions and negative energy that may become unstuck during this process. (maroke / Getty)Remember you’re amazing for embarking on this self-actualization and self-love healing journey and progress takes patience.

The Truth Behind Victoria Beckham's Plastic Surgery Will Change The Way You Think About Her

The Truth Behind Victoria Beckham's Plastic Surgery Will Change The Way You Think About Her

If your name is Posh, you’re likely expected to uphold rigorous standards whenever you go for the rest of your life. Victoria Beckham has yet to let us down. During her effervescent breakout with the Spice Girls, she developed a reputation as a poised, high-achieving woman of immense class, attitude, and sophistication. Only, it’s been north of twenty-five years, and she keeps raising the bar. From an outsider’s perspective, she’s blessed with everything: an adorable family of four, a scintillating fashion empire, a gorgeous husband, and a musical legacy that’ll remain unmatched. Yet, underneath the success and the self-assuredness lies a world of vulnerabilities and insecurities. While penning a letter to her younger self in Vogue, Posh Spice didn’t hold back on shedding light on the complexities of her image and how she still struggles with embracing self-love. You might say it’s easy for someone like Victoria to seamlessly accept herself, but her admission — and subsequent regret — of plastic surgery indicates that nothing is as simple as it seems. Victoria regrets getting a boob job and not “embracing her imperfections”Victoria hadn’t always been the absolute picture of English opulence, genteelness, and old-school glamor. She’d once been young and callow, unsure of her place in the world and how she’d go on to attack the opportunities that laid in her way. The Vogue letter addressed to her 18-year-old self describes young Vic as “not the prettiest, or the thinnest, or the best at dancing at the Laine Theatre Arts college.” She’d expressed a thorough interest in dance at an early age, and so her parents arranged for her to be sent to a performing arts boarding school in Surrey. Unfortunately, she realized at her über-competitive school that she wasn’t as skillful or remarkable as she’d been led to believe. The environment was cutthroat, the peer group was industrious and ambitious, and Victoria found herself faintly dwelling in the middle of the pack. She begged to return home, explaining that she wasn’t “good enough” to keep abreast, but her dad urged her to keep her head high and continue working hard. “Dad got on the phone: “Stay there, prove everyone wrong.”And I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs. All those years I denied it – stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.Victoria Beckham to VogueShe felt inferior in every which way — the “bad acne,” being “too plump”. Her fellow classmates relentlessly bullied her by throwing soggy tissues and old Coke cans at her for not sporting the most fashionable gear. Yet, these agonizing experiences only helped Victoria grow a thick skin and endure the scrutiny that would befall her life in just a few short years. Adult Victoria advises her younger self to “embrace your perfections” and not spend every waking minute obsessing over her appearance. The complexion will “sort itself out,” the perm will disappear, and your weight will stop fluctuating and become stable. There’s no reason to adhere to the latest diet fad, whether it’s eating “Super Noodles” or drinking green juice. 18-year-old Victoria should instead let her skin breathe and wear less make-up; be more confident in her natural beauty and her ability to shine regardless of how she manages to look on a specific day. That’s when Victoria acknowledges the veracity of a story she’d spent years denying — that she’d had plastic surgery. It’s taken her a long time to feel okay and be “comfortable in her own skin”Like anyone else, Victoria hasn’t had the most straightforward journey with building inner strength, especially when it comes to earthly vanity concerns. However, what’s dissimilar about her situation is that she’s essentially perceived as the pinnacle of poshness and perfection. The audience actively positions her as the impeccable ideal to which they can aspire. As a result, she has to deal with the additional pressure of establishing the norm, setting the trend, and blazing a trail for others seeking to follow in her footsteps. Victoria has no qualms about imparting style advice — for example, “wear sunglasses a lot”; they “turn a nothing-outfit into something quite pulled together and cool” — but she doesn’t want to precipitate a whirlwind of anxiety, self-loathing, or timidness among young women. She knows all too well what it’s like to face an upheaval of apprehensive, self-hating emotions and think yourself lacking here, there, and everywhere. I see my imperfections and flaws and I smile: it’s who I am and I’m not going to try to change that. It’s taken me a long, long time to recognise that by 45 years old, actually I’m all right.Victoria Beckham to Harper’s BazaarWhat’s not entirely known to the public is how the “Posh Spice” nickname was a device for promotion and didn’t accurately describe Victoria’s own stance on fashion or etiquette. The name originated from her reserved nature, her choice of designer outfits, and her affinity for “high-heeled footwear.” It’s unfortunate that those characteristics are attributed to only the wealthy and the upper-class because, in the twenty-five years since the Spice Girl phenomenon, everyone has gained the ability to adopt them. “I was young and shy, and being Posh helped me find my style and confidence, and my voice,” she told ET.If assuming a more dignified, “posh” identity empowers you to stand tall with pride and conviction, so be it. However, it’s not necessarily going to resolve your issues with self-esteem and wariness. It took Victoria a long time before coming to grips with her innate face, body, and exterior. She still doesn’t think of herself as beautiful; she promptly tells Harper’s Bazaar,“No, absolutely not. But I make the best of what I have.”Plastic surgery or other permanent cosmetic procedures aren’t a long-term resolution for your troubles; they are but a temporary balm. That’s not to say that these practices shouldn’t be considered at all, especially amidst medical considerations, but that there’s more to life than living up to these exacting beauty standards. Victoria realized over the years that her family and work come before her vanity and fashion, that she’s far more content to be prioritizing the attention to other areas. Self-acceptance is an uphill battle, but it’ll comeThe biggest takeaway from her evolution over the last twenty-five years is that you can’t afford to pick at the silliest of things. It’s a natural, undeniable tendency to some extent, but as you mature and come across beautiful, oftentimes contrasting discoveries about yourself, it’s best just to let the worries slide and start to accept yourself as you are. “When you get older, you learn how to be comfortable in your own skin,” said the former Spice Girl. More inspiring stories:Behind Victoria Beckham’s Posh Facade: Humiliation And Celebrating Her Own ResilienceVictoria Beckham Pays Endearing Tribute to Her “Cheerleader” David BeckhamWhy Alicia Keys’ Decision To Stop Wearing Makeup Rubbed Some People The Wrong WayGood as New: How to Love Your Body in a Plastic-Obsessed Culture