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Tough Guy Dad Loses It After Dropping His Son off at School  His Wife Immediately Started Recording
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Tough Guy Dad Loses It After Dropping His Son off at School His Wife Immediately Started Recording

The shoe was on the other foot when kindergarten teacher, Mary Harper, 28, dropped her 3-year-old off at preschool with her husband Samajee Harper. The Las Vegas mom thought she had seen it all, but she couldn't have been more wrong.When one school drop off went sideways, this Las Vegas mom pulled out her camera and start recording! She thought she knew her husband, but turns out she was only just beginning to understand him.The Dad Who’s Stealing Mom’s Thunder — LiterallyIn a now-viral TikTok video, Mary can’t help but burst out laughing as her husband, Samajee “Sam,” tries to contain his tears with sniffles and eye wipes. While Sam managed to keep it together when they dropped their son off in his classroom, when he finally got back to the car, to his own surprise...he broke down."I was crying but then my husband started crying so hard it made me laugh 😂".Mary Harper, TikTokMary Harper's quick, 38 second video is titled: "POV: Dropping your 3-year-old off at preschool for the first time" — and the footage doesn't disappoint. One Wife’s Utter Shock — “I Don’t Think I’d Even Seen Him Cry Before”@marymoniharper/TikTokMary Harper had prepared herself to shed a few tears. For most moms, it's easy to anticipate why dropping your little one off at school for the first time would be emotional. But this mama never expected her "tough guy" husband would beat her at her own game! “I thought I was gonna be cool, bruh!”Sam Harper, TikTok"I don't think I'd ever seen him cry before," she admitted, still surprised by the emotional moment on their son Isaiah's first day of preschool. Sam Harper recalls the real moment that took him down and needless to say it's pretty relatable. Do you think you can guess what it is? The moment that broke him: when his son Isaiah glanced back at him after their goodbye. When He Realizes His Wife’s Recording Him He Does This Shocking ThingThe tough guy dad can't help but bawl his eyes out, thinking about how his little boy was already growing up so fast. But when he realizes he's being recorded crying by his wife — he does the most surprising thing.He just keeps on crying!Instead of trying to save face for the camera or regain his composure, he just allows his emotions to wash over him like a wave. Eventually he laughed it off too. And his authenticity isn't just beautiful, but its a lesson for all men that it's not just okay to cry — it's healthy too.Watch Mary Harper's Video:Mary Harper's TikTok quickly went viral, racking up millions of views. Naturally, the comment section blew up with some users quoting Sam Harper's most iconic lines. Other users praised this father for being able to "man down."One simple comment even earned over 2K likes, "I love it when dads show affection to their kids," Cassidy wrote. Sometimes Even the Ones Closest to Us Still Have the Power to Shock Us Even when we think we know someone inside and out, life has a way of throwing surprises our way. Samajee Harper's reaction to his son Isaiah's first day of preschool is a heartwarming and hilarious reminder of this truth. Despite his usual cool demeanor, Samajee's tears took Mary by surprise, revealing a side of him she hadn't seen before. Their story serves as a charming reminder that even those closest to us can still catch us off guard with their emotions.In that touching moment, as they experienced this milestone together, Mary realized that there's always more to uncover about the people we hold dear, regardless of how well we think we know them.It's these unexpected instances of vulnerability and surprise that keep relationships lively and full of surprises, underscoring the depth of our connections and the endless opportunities for growth and understanding.More from Goalcast:Man With Special Needs Continuously Goes up to a Buff Stranger at Gym – Firefighter Takes Secret Photos of His ResponseWoman Goes to the Gym to Work Out – Breaks Down When She Hears These Startling Words From a ‘Hardcore’ Gym BroDwayne Johnson Learns Struggling UFC Fighter Sleeps in the Gym – Then, Tells Him a “Lie” That Brings Him to His Knees

Single Dad Abruptly Abandoned By Mother Of Baby Discovers Power Of Vulnerability

Single Dad Abruptly Abandoned By Mother Of Baby Discovers Power Of Vulnerability

Just a month after baby Persephone was born, her mother left her with the baby's dad. But through hard work and willingness to ask for help, the single dad managed to take care of his daughter just fine. Thrust into being a single dadBack in 2015, Richard Johnson was blessed with a baby daughter, Persephone. But just a month after she was born, the baby's mother abandoned her family.Unprepared and unsure of what to do, Johnson gobbled up every book and YouTube video he could find. He also turned to a Facebook group called Life of Dad that was a "major confidence booster" and helped him get through this challenging period.One day, Johnson wrote a Facebook post about his situation and to thank the group for helping him get through. Then, the post went viral. In the caption, Johnson explained that he doesn't know why Persephone's mother left — he expects postpartum depression played a role. But either way, he needed help, and the support from the Facebook group helped him get through. It takes a villageJohnson received so much support (the post has 95,000 reactions) that he decided to start his own page chronicling life as a single dad.Johnson documented how Persephone had holes in her heart and needed surgery. Again, he turned to his community on Facebook for support.Incredibly, Persephone's surgery was successful, even baffling the surgeon. "The doctor was amazed and had said, 'I'm amazed but I don't understand how this is quite possible. I had a few colleagues take a look and they agree had they not known the previous issue, you'd never be able to tell there was anything wrong from the start,'" Johnson wrote on the post.Johnson's love life worked itself out too, as he revealed on the page that he was seeing a woman named Jennifer who cared for Persephone like a mother.In a touching birthday post a month after her surgery, Johnson told Persephone how much his life changed now that she's in it."They say the child learns for the parent, however I feel I am learning more from you than you ever could from me. I look at you and can't just help feel like everything will work out the way it should," he wrote. "I'm going to give you the world one day Miss Lilith. I'll work myself to death to do it. Everything you can ever want will be yours or I'm going to die trying."A happy endingThrust into the unknown of parenthood all on his own, Johnson did the right thing — he looked for help wherever he could get it. He did his own research and was vulnerable enough to tell those that helped him how much he appreciated them. In return, the community continued to support him and undoubtedly played a role in raising Persephone — they say it takes a village to raise a child.More uplifting stories:Rude Client Rejects Single Dad For Bringing Daughter To Work, Community Has Best ResponsePoor Man Who Missed Job Interview To Save A Life Had Employers Lining Up To Hire HimDomestic Abuse Survivor Marries The First Responder Who Saved Her LifeWoman Cruelly Teased By Bullies For Her Appearance Gets The Last Laugh