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Lonely 87-Year-Old Woman Calls for Help While Cooking Dinner - Police Officers Respond in the Best Way
Police Make Lonely Elderly Woman a Meal After She Called 911 for Help
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Lonely 87-Year-Old Woman Calls for Help While Cooking Dinner - Police Officers Respond in the Best Way

Police in Florence have gone viral for this kind act.

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Getting old sometimes means we can no longer do the things we once did so easily. Things like cleaning our homes or making dinner. Often, we need help to do these routine things as we age, and when we’re suddenly without that help, it can be a very scary experience.

Such was the case for one 87-year-old woman in Florence one night when she decided to call the police.

Making the Best of a Situation

police officers making an elderly woman dinner

According to Firenze Today, the unnamed 87-year-old woman was having a hard time preparing dinner in her home one night. Usually, she had someone come and help her assemble her meals. However, that person didn’t show up on that particular day.

The woman had a son she could call, but she didn’t want to bother him. She knew he was going through a hard time financially and wanted to try and provide for herself. So she got up and began the arduous task of making dinner. It was a task she would soon regret.

As the woman was in the middle of cooking her meal, she grew incredibly tired and sore. She realized she would not be able to complete the task in front of her, so she picked up the phone and dialed 113 (the Italian version of 911).

“I'm tired and hungry, but I can't cook because my arm hurts,” she told the person on the other end of the line.

Answering the Call

The person answering the call asked for the woman’s address and sent a police car to her home. Two officers named Antonio and Giuseppe found the woman in her bedroom, resting from the eventful night.

The pair helped to get her comfortable on a chair and then got to work finishing up the dinner. They set the table and served her a plate of tomato ravioli, which they then helped her to eat.

Someone at the scene also snapped a photo of the men serving the woman, which then went viral on Reddit. The picture sparked plenty of comments. Some noticed that the first responders were incredibly good-looking. Others commented how the scene made them miss their own grandparents or aging parents.

One thing many people seemed to agree on was that this was a heartwarming example of officers serving their community and doing what it takes to help out those in need.

Serving Our Communities

One reason this story has resonated with so many people is because it exemplifies that sometimes all it takes is a few extra minutes out of your day to help make someone else’s.

These officers assessed the situation and probably could have handled it several different ways. Yet, in the end, they chose to stay and make the meal, helping this woman to feel taken care of and loved.

It’s a nice reminder that we, too, can take some extra time to serve our communities in our own lives. We can donate our time to a local charity, organization, or team sport. We can pass on belongings that no longer serve us to those who need them more. Or we can raise money and awareness for worthy causes to try and help others during their time of need.

If that seems like too much, we can also drop an extra tin or two of food into the donation bins at the local grocery store or ask the local food bank what kinds of items they need right now.

We all experience hard times in life. But by helping others in their times of need, no one ever has to feel alone.

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