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6 Ways to Build New, Meaningful Friendships as an Adult
Good friends bonding outdoors

6 Ways to Build New, Meaningful Friendships as an Adult

Whether you are just looking to broaden your social circle, relocating to a new city or you’ve had a life change like a breakup or divorce that has shifted your social dynamic, making new friends is helpful to improve your well-being.

And believe it or not, there are ways to make quality new connections without the internet or social media. We’ve asked experts for their best tips to get out there and make some great pals with similar interests.

1. Join a meet-up 

Organizations that promote this type of social introduction come in lots of varieties.

“People can pick from any type of interest which supports their belief system,” says Darlene Corbett, author, success coach and licensed therapist. “Professional and personal groups are included. This is a beginning, and time will tell how things might evolve.”

2. Get active

Corbett says sports organizations are also a place to connect. “There are clubs and organizations for any sport which may be of interest such as biking, hiking, golf, skiing, etc,” she says.

Even more, the level of expertise is also something to think about. For example, if you’re a runner, join a running club or if you want to learn golf, you may meet new friends with whom you can improve your play

3. Find common political ground

Political interests can help find people who share a common belief system, Corbett says. “Both Republican and Democrat parties offer organizations and offshoots which can appeal to one's interest even during a non-election cycle,” she adds.

4. Join a religious group

Corbett adds that religious organizations are available for those who have similar beliefs. A church, mosque or synagogue may have volunteer projects, socials and committees that offer opportunities for like-minded adults to bond.

5. Give your talents a try


If you are theatrical, try out for a local play. “You will bond with your fellow actors and other associated volunteers,” says Corbett. In addition, there are backstage opportunities to meet compatible adults.

“Likewise, if you are musical, try out for a chorus or find a group where you can play your instrument,” continues Corbett. “For any hobby or interest, writing, artistic endeavors, there are organizations everywhere.”

6. Be an organizer

When looking to make new friends, taking the lead may be helpful. “If you are the one in need of new friends, you are usually going to have to invite people to do things,” says Heidi McBain, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

“You can be waiting around for a very long time if you’re hoping someone will notice you and your need for new friends and invite you to do something.” She says people are very busy in this day and age, so you need to make it worth their while to spend time with you.

“Invite people you meet, possibly through your kid’s activities, at the gym, at work, your neighbors, etc. out for coffee or a meal, and then ask them where they would like to go, and once there, be a very good listener to your new friend’s stories.”

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