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How Your Social Media Addiction Can Change the World

How Your Social Media Addiction Can Change the World

Let’s be honest with ourselves (I know, scary right?) We all have a bit of a social media addiction. Unless you are one of the highly-evolved-hipster-beings who is above it all, you find yourself Snapchatting photos of your filtered bee-face, Instagram scrolling, and Facebook stalking on a daily basis. It is just a part of life as we know it in this day in age. 

However, there has been a common theme of narcissism and negative news, which is shown to lead to loneliness and unhappiness. This is why the Goalcast videos that get you out of bed in the morning are so important! Social media is supposed to have one common goal: connecting us. If used correctly, these authentic connections can really make a difference. So here is how you can justify your social media binging: you are changing the world!

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How Your Social Media Addiction Can Change the World

Get Real

Social media is at its worst when mean-spirited people hide behind screens and bully others. More than half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, but about the same number have admitted to engaging in cyberbullying. Trying to find self-esteem by putting down others is nothing new, but one of the most powerful ways social media can be used is to lift others up!

Becoming vulnerable and opening up is where the real power lies. Feeling alone? Think that you are the only person suffering from a particular problem? That is not true! We have been amazed by the communities that have formed by people feeling a little lost, and simply needing a friend. Take for instance Jay Shetty, a Huffington Post vlogger who inspires others with his live videos on the Huffington Post Rise PageThe comments create communities for all kinds of people looking to gain hope from others. Find a page or a site that inspires you, and then join in! It is amazing to see the connections that can be made even thousands of miles apart.

Take Action

Another downside to social media is the negative content you can’t seem to escape! The news lately has been more than a little upsetting. Did the world take a crazy pill? Or is it just us…

Regardless of your beliefs, political opinions, age, gender, race or sexual orientation, we can all agree that change is needed. The good news is, there are social media platforms dedicated to positive change! Boomcast, an app that while new, already has the potential to make a huge difference. Some of the world’s most inspirational people and game-changing organizations such as,, and the Rockefeller Foundation have come together on one platform to help make a positive difference. Signing petitions and discovering projects provide you ways to directly make a difference in the world, and the inspirational and welcoming community help you get your social media fix at the same time!

Be Inspired

Social media can be a great tool to figuring out your passions and finding your purpose. Feeling a little lost? Feeling unmotivated? Create an inspiration board on Pinterest, find people posting about your interests, find inspirational videos, blogs, and pages. A staggering 73% of Millennials do not see news media impacting their countries in a positive way.  (Pew Research). Look for platforms that provide positive stories, including Headlines for the Hopeful which makes you feel that there is actually hope for a beautiful world. Surrounding yourself with positive images, videos, and words can improve your mood, spark a great idea, and keep you moving towards your goal.

In Summary: Don’t be a D****

We’re in the twenty-first century people, and it’s about time we start changing our world for the better. Be nice to one another, learn from others, keep an open mind, take action on what you are passionate about, be inspired and inspire others.

Here are 6 simple tips we will leave you with to dramatically improve the way you use social media. The ripple effect is real y’all!

1. Be Grateful - Thank people for sharing something that inspires you.

2. Be Nice - No harsh words necessary, no matter how much someone has offended you.

3. Be Funny - A sense of humor is always appreciated.

4. Be Modest - Enough with the selfies. Everyone is beautiful, dive deeper!

5. Be Inspirational - Share stories that motivate. Your words are more powerful than you think.

6. Be Helpful - Have a friend who’s working on a cool project? Share the love!

We hope you are now feeling better knowing all of the positivity that can come from your social media addiction (it helps ease our guilt!) Connect with others, take action and be inspired! Let’s use social media to change the world.

Want more good news? Follow Goalcast on Boomcast, the social media platform for social good! Share. Inspire. Change. Available now in the appstore!

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