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This Police Officer’s Unbelievable Response To A Man In Need Shocked Everyone
Uplifting News

This Police Officer’s Unbelievable Response To A Man In Need Shocked Everyone

When Officer Dennis Rowe learned that a citizen's bike was stolen, he did more than take a police report.

Craig Magby is praising a Hapeville officer for his generosity.

Magby, a Walmart employee, rode his bike to and from work every day. But one day, as he was carrying some groceries, ready to go home, he noticed his bike wasn’t where he had locked it.

“I came out of the store, had my groceries in hand was expecting to go home on my bike. I got to the area where I had parked and locked my bike and my bike was gone,” Magby told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Having worked so hard for that bicycle, which was his only means of transportation, he was devastated.

How Craig Magby Met Someone Who Was About to Change Everything

Police Officer Dennis Rowe was on an off-duty job in Hapeville, Georgia when he noticed Magby walking home from Wal-Mart after his shift.

“He was kind of hot and sweaty," the officer told Fox 5 Atlanta. "We got to talking, and he was explaining to me that he normally rides his bike home from work, and it was recently stolen from him. Since the bike was stolen, he gets himself back and forth to work by walking.”

Magby’s story touched the officer and he had a great idea.

Officer Rowe's mind went straight to his own bike that he purchased just a few months prior for a camping trip, but it had been sitting in his driveway getting little use since.

When Magby told the officer his bike was stolen, Officer Rowe didn’t tell him his plan at the time, but he immediately knew he was going to give his bike to him.

Officer Rowe Makes a Special Delivery

Police officer giving a free bike to man in need and shaking hands.

A few days later Officer Rowe made a special delivery. He gave Magby his bike, replacing the stolen one.

“When I saw something that I had that I wasn’t using, and there was somebody that desperately could use it every day, I knew that I had to make that happen for him," Officer Rowe told Fox 5 Atlanta. "It was just part of the way I was raised, the way I was brought up, to give back and to give where I can."

For Rowe, meeting Magby and hearing his story was an opportunity to help, and that’s just what he did. But for Magby it was more.

Magby was so touched by the officer’s kind gesture and even said that Officer Rowe was a God-sent.

Magby shared that he often prayed to God for help with his struggles. And he believes Officer Rowe was the answer to his prayers.

“I had talked to God about it. He was like consider it done and he sent Officer Rowe my way. I’m grateful, thankful,” Magby said.

We all have things around the house that we barely use that someone else would get great use out of. Why let these items go unused when someone else could really use them? Like Officer Rowe, you might even make a big difference in someone's day-to-day life with one simple act.

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