You can be the master of your home, all it takes is some money and a vacuum cleaner. You can also be a master of your job if you work hard and are promoted to a managerial position. You can master a game by practicing enough. But how do you master your own mind? It takes years of discipline and training to even understand what that means, and if you want to get started, we’ve got the Master Your Mind Bundle — three classes that will give you the push you need to take those crucial first steps.

The first class is CBT: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, the Human Mind Owner’s Manual. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is like house-training your brain, breaking unhealthy old habits and replacing them with better, more efficient, more peaceful thought processes that will keep you happier, relaxed, and more productive — the triple threat of mental health and intellectual wealth.

The second class is Learn Psychology: Why We Think & Feel The Way We Do. This one’s less about practically changing your brain, and more about understanding the thought processes all humans share. A big part of peace of mind is, after all, understanding the other people in our lives (or understanding that we’ll never understand them). This foundational knowledge of psychology will give you a clinical understanding of your own brain and help you build your knowledge far into the future because this kind of knowledge isn’t just useful in a self-help setting, it can make you a better manager, friend, and even family member.

The third and final class is Emotional Intelligence: Master Anxiety, Fear and Emotions. These are the three chaotic parts of the human experience that will throw you off your tracks if you let them, and understanding how to control them (or not control them, depending on the situation). Once you’ve taken anxiety and fear and learned how to let them live in your life in a healthy and stable way, there’s nothing anyone can ever do to bring you down, because you’re unstoppable. You will have no psychological weaknesses whatsoever.

Altogether, these classes amount to just over 18 hours of content and a hefty $480 dollar value. But right now we’re happy to offer you the entire Master Your Mind Bundle for just $24.99 — that’s 94% off.

So stop procrastinating, stop letting anxiety control you, and make 2019 the year you stopped worrying so much, and finally realized your potential.