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Left Image : Military Dad in backyard | Right Image: Military officer poses with family in gymnasium.

Military Dad of 4 Daughters Defends His Girls When Strangers Make This Rude Remark

@mandatoryfunday/instagram | @kate_vonlet/instagram
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Military Dad Defends His 4 Little Daughters When Strangers Make This Rude Remark

"I'm so tired of people coming up to me and telling me they're 'sorry.'"

Austin von Letkemann is the military officer strangers feel "sorry" for — and the reason is infuriating.

Whenever the devoted father leaves the house with his four children, strangers can't help but notice the officer in uniform is holding hands with 4 adorable little girls. They will tell the traditionally "masculine" and "all American" dad they feel sorry for him, because he has no sons. This dad makes one thing very clear: They are his daughters, they aren't a burden.

In a passionate video, von Letkemann took to Instagram to share with his followers that the only thing that's "difficult" about being a girl dad — is clapping back to these sexist remarks over and over again.

They Mock His Daughters To Their Face

When strangers approach Austin von Letkemann and his four daughters, they don't always realize that their comments are being overheard. They seem oblivious to the fact that his girls understand every word. Von Letkemann describes how people will approach him and, without thinking, make remarks like "I'm sorry" or even joke about his lack of sons. What they don't realize is that these comments, intended to be light-hearted or humorous, can be deeply hurtful to his daughters.
"All my kids can speak and understand English. They know what you’re saying. It hurts their feelings."
- Austin von Letkemann, Instagram
These strangers are not just disrespecting von Letkemann's choices as a father; they're also sending a message to his daughters that their presence is something to be pitied. It’s a message that von Letkemann won't stand for, and he's speaking out to defend his girls from these insensitive remarks

Saying "Get Your Shotgun" Isn't Funny — It's Sexist

Another common comment that Austin von Letkemann encounters is the old "better get your shotgun ready" trope, often delivered with a smirk or a wink. This line is typically intended to suggest that a father with daughters should be on high alert to protect them from potential "suitors," implying that they are objects to be guarded rather than individuals with agency.

"No one says this to my wife. They only say this to me."
- Austin von Letkemann, Instagram

Von Letkemann finds this line of thinking outdated and sexist. In his viral Instagram video, he points out that these jokes are not just stale — they're damaging.

By suggesting that his daughters require armed protection, the joke reinforces the idea that women are inherently vulnerable and need to be shielded from men. Von Letkemann argues that instead of promoting this narrative, society should focus on teaching respect and consent, challenging these sexist tropes at their source.

Watch Austin von Letkemann's Video:

"If I Had A Fifth Child, I'd HOPE It Was A Girl" — One Dad's Message For Other Parents

Despite the constant remarks about his lack of sons, Austin von Letkemann is clear: He wouldn't trade his daughters for anything.

In fact, he told his Instagram followers that if he were to have a fifth child, he would hope for another girl. This declaration isn't just about doubling down on his pride in his family — it's a pointed response to those who see fathering daughters as a misfortune.

Von Letkemann's stance is a powerful one, rejecting the notion that a family is incomplete without sons. He encourages others to question the assumptions behind these comments and to appreciate the joy and fulfillment that his daughters bring. By sharing his story, von Letkemann hopes to create a more inclusive perspective on fatherhood, one that values daughters just as much as sons.

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