positive thinking

Positive Thinking: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide

We’ve likely all heard the advice to search for silver linings and look on the sunny or bright side. These directives may...
Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Understanding the Power of Self Fulfilling Prophecy

That little voice in each of our heads can be extremely powerful. When your internal monologue is positive and upbeat, you can...
morning routine ideas

A Guide To Creating the Perfect Morning Routine for You

We’re all familiar with the idea of starting the day off on the right foot—but what does that really mean? To some,...
how to get out of debt

How to Get Out of Debt: A Comprehensive Guide

To say that Americans are overwhelmed with debt is a vast understatement. Old, young, rich, or poor, many of us find ourselves...
fear of missing out

Analyzing FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Many overtired parents joke their kids have FOMO (fear of missing out) because their children refuse to go to bed—they want to...

Why We Need To Talk About Rebel Wilson’s Shocking Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson has always been confident and self-assured in her own skin. What compelled her to go on her shocking weight loss journey?
assertive meaning

Becoming More Assertive: A Complete Guide

Effective communication can improve literally every relationship in our lives, from the bond with a romantic partner to camaraderie among office colleagues....

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