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15 Feel-Good Songs to Add to Your Spring 2023 Spotify Playlist

15 Feel-Good Songs to Add to Your Spring 2023 Spotify Playlist

Spring has sprung -- is your music playlist bumping?

It's officially spingtime which means, we are emerging from our hibernation sweats, heading back to the gym (I've never been but I heard it's crazy), and totally drinking all that water we said we would in our New Years Resolution.

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and the dopamine's hitting just right. To keep that feel good feeling going, here's 15 feel-good songs to add to your spring 2023 Spotify playlist.

Did your life just get a new soundtrack?

1. "Sit Next to Me" - Foster The People [Stereotypes Remix]

The remix, dare I say, beats the original. If remixes are too exotic for you, I alternatively recommend any song by The Beatles.

Except Yellow Submarine. That one gets kind of buck.

2. "I Would Die 4 U" - Prince

You know when you've left a really good date? And you just can't stop smiling driving home? And everything is good in the world, and it doesn't even matter that you got a parking ticket in the handicap spot, because you're just feeling really good? This is the track for that.

3. "Feel My Needs" - Weiss (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Picking just one Purple Disco Machine Remix was a challenging, but in the end, I had to stay loyal to Feel My Needs--a song I once played on loop 57 times, to see if PDM could defy the laws of physics and continue to bang?

4. "C'est La Vie" - Yung Gravy, bbno$, Rich Brian

This song is what I imagine it feels like, when you know you're the biggest guy at the bar.

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5. "FRIDAY" - Mufasa & Hypeman [Dopamine Remix]

This song absolutely slaps, even if it's Thursday.

6. "The Spins" - Mac Miller

I love Mac Miller (RIP) and any song that samples Empire of the Sun's Walking on a Dream, so you can imagine my straight titillation at this golden find. Honourable mention:The Thrill - Wiz Khalifa.

7. "Go Bang" - PNAU

EDM always knows.

I thieved this one from my brother's fraternity's house party playlist, so you know it comes from a good source. Shout out Kappa Sigma (ΚΣ); Thank you for inviting me to your parties, even though I was far too old and far too literate.

8. "Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall

This song gives main character in her opening credits.

The year is 2004. I am suddenly wearing an evergreen tank top with a chunky amber amulet hanging from my neck. I've never not worn Old Navy flip flops. I'm unpacking my 37 sq. ft NYC apartment. Damn where did I pack my cargo capris? Screw It. I throw on a peasant skirt and dash down the fire escape. How do I ride the subway again? I stare at the Subway map biting my lip. I'm gonna be late for my first day at my new big city job! Screw It! I dash out the Subway and kick my flip flops into my hand, running barefoot in between the cabs honking at me to get off the road, sorry about that! A stuffy business man talking on his headset comes out of Starbucks holding 8 coffee trays, I bump into him knocking them all over, oops excuse me! Gosh when will I learn? After running 97 city blocks without breaking a sweat, I just manage to squeeze in the elevator as the doors close -- made it ;).

9. "Green Lights" - Aloe Blacc

The perfect cruise song--in fact no, I rescind that, Green Lights is so damn jaunty, it's actually betterin dead-end traffic. I'm now dubbing it, the official soundtrack for rush hour.

10. "I Like Me Better" - LAUV

As featured on Netflix's greatest achievement, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, (aka my favourite contemporary feel-good teen film aka the biggest snub at the 91st Academy Awards), it's an aboslute toe-tapper.

Also, how dare Rami Malek rob Peter Kavinsky of his moment!

11. "Lightenup" - Parcels

Pure indie feel good VIBES! I never don't want to hear this in a grocery store or Urban Outfitters?

12. "Waves" - Kanye West

"Touch the Sky" or "The Good Life" were too obvious, duh!

13. "Ride Like the Wind" - Christopher Cross

This one doesn't need an explainationg -- but what I can say is this is a certified banger.

14. "Lifetime" - SG Lewis

Just a happy little tune. Makes me wanna throw up my hair in a messy bun, throw on a big men's button down, and quirky-girl-dance while I vacuum the house and my best friend secretly falls in love with me.

I would 10/10 recommend this tune for your spring cleaning queue. 2/10 recommend dating your best friend.

15. "A Little Less Conversation" - Elvis Presley [JXL Radio Edit Remix]

If you've ever wondered what sits in the middle of the Venn Diagram between you and your grandma --it's this song.

16. "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor

I want you to know, there isn't a single version of the multiverse that I've ever lived in, where I've walked into a karaoke bar and haven't sung this song.

BONUS: "Into The Night" - Santana ft. Chad Kroeger

As far as "feel good" songs go-- I don't know a song that makes me feel better honestly.

Carlos Santana, who's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame I pay my respects to once a week, shreds the guitar in a way that truly ascends me to the heavens while Canada's Real Prime Minister: Chad Kroger's smooth vocals are the wind beneath my winds flying me there.

With the help of Spotify Enhanced, here's a Feel Good Playlist of 100+ Happy Hits to add to your Spotify!

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