Jimmy Valvano On Enjoying Life To The Fullest

Jimmy Valvano - Keep Your Dreams Alive Former college basketball player and coach Jimmy Valvano explains the importance of enjoying every moment in life, while...
Embrace now - live in the moment

Embrace Now, and Leave Later to Later

Do you believe that life can get in the way of happiness? In our quest for success, we sometimes forget to give ourselves a...
You're Already a Leader: Learning to See Your Impact on the World

You’re Already a Leader: Learning to See Your Impact on the World

“I’m not really a leader.” Not surprisingly, that is a statement I hear quite a bit as a leadership coach. Many people are so caught...

Kevin Rupp | Why Hope is Worth Believing In

Kevin Rupp - Keep Hope Alive This father’s heartfelt farewell to his dying daughter will make you believe in hope again. Kevin Rupp shares the...

Lewis Howes | How to Overcome the Fear of Death

Lewis Howes - Show Gratitude In this motivational video, former professional football player and author Lewis Howes shares a near death experience he had while...

Keanu Reeves’ Perspective On Life and Death Is An Inspiration To Us All

Keanu Reeves is known for his action movie chops and philanthropy, but he’s also known for being a pretty introspective, thoughtful guy....

After Leaving Her Abusive Ex, She Lost 134 Pounds And Met Her Future Husband

Alvina Rayne was stuck in a vicious cycle with a toxic man, which led her to adopt unhealthy habits. When she finally freed herself, she was able to live the life she deserved.

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