How These 3 Videos Changed My Whole Perspective On Life

Every once in a great while, we’re lucky enough to find or experience something that changes our whole perspective on life. Whether it’s an event,...

3 Universal Lessons I Learned from Naveen Jain and Richard Branson’s “Moonshots”

Naveen Jain is an ambitious philanthropist and innovative entrepreneur who is creating new solutions to the world’s greatest problems. His companies boast pioneering technology...

How to Tell if It’s Too Soon to Move on From Your Breakup

Going through a romantic breakup is never easy but the process of moving on can be easier if we take the time to feel our pain and learn about ourselves.

Here’s what Jennifer Aniston Did When Her Ex John Mayer Attacked Her

Jennifer Aniston is known for the classy way she handles her breakups. Even when one John Mayer put her to the test, she showed the world how to deal with a bitter ex.

Jennifer Aniston – Living In The Present

Jeniffer Aniston - A Feeling Of Total Peace Famous Actress Jennifer Aniston and her personal way to live the present in peace. Transcript: "I'm feeling a feeling...
Your Fears Will Set You Free, but Only If You Free Them First

Your Fears Will Set You Free, but Only If You Free Them First

Living in fearfulness is a lonely place of mental trickery, created by our ego to protect us. This realm is something we all know. Yet when we...

How Grateful Are Thee? Let Us Count the Ways

Every time tragedy strikes, we are reminded of how lucky we are to be alive. Whether it's Hurricane Maria that hit a few months...

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