self actualization maslow

How to Achieve Self Actualization: A Complete Guide

Self-actualization is a powerful concept that could help you achieve your full potential. Here are some helpful steps to guide you.
self awareness theory

How To Improve Self-Awareness: A Comprehensive And Practical Guide

True self-awareness is an ongoing process but it is not as easy as it looks. However, the benefits of the practice are worth the effort.
what is shadow work

What is Shadow Work And What Is The Benefit of It?

Not many people are willing to confront the darker side of their psyche because it can be a very frightening prospect. Shadow work is a method of processing the darker emotions and urges that live within us and find the strength within that.
Meditation phone app

Are Meditation Apps Missing the Point of Mindfulness?

There are around 500 different types of app associated with mindfulness in Apple’s App Store alone, but are they missing the point?

When Mindfulness Backfires: The Ego-Trap of Inauthenticity

Mindfulness is authenticity. Through a balanced approach to inner experience and the outer world, we learn to express ourselves genuinely. We uncover...

Astrologers On What Spring Will Bring, Based On Your Sign

As much as we’d all love to have the answers to the complexities in our heart and mind, no one ever really...

What is ‘Soul Currency’ and How Much Is Yours Worth?

I believe spiritual currency, not financial, is the most valuable form of currency we have. Yet I am going to talk about...

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