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How to Use The Most Powerful Healing Crystals
crystal healing
Spiritual Health

How to Use The Most Powerful Healing Crystals

Channeling energy can have a massive impact!

With the rising acceptance of alternative medicine, different tools for healing have become more mainstream. From acupuncture sessions to tarot card readings to crystal healing, shamanic journeys to aura interpretations, people are discovering more and more ways to find clarity and relieve various ailments aside from traditional means. 

Using healing crystals is one of these “new to western mainstream society” but not new to the world practices. Healing stones have in fact been used for thousands of years. 

Crystals throughout history

Various crystals adorned the breastplates of soldiers in ancient battles as tokens of good luck and strength, were given as gifts to find favor among royalty and were used in antiquated medicine practices as curing stones. 

Healing crystals can be used during meditation or yoga practice, incorporated within a piece of jewelry or just placed within your home. 

Below, we’ll go over some of the most popular crystals and what healing benefits they each have, but first, a little crystal 101.

What is crystal healing? 

There are many different kinds of healing crystals and each one has its own purported benefits. In fact, some estimates say that there are as many as 45 different varieties of crystals that can be useful to heal the mind or body in various ways. 

So what makes a healing crystal an actual healing crystal and not just a pretty rock? 

Conduits for healing

An alternative medicine practitioner or crystal healer would say that crystals are actually conduits for healing. By allowing positive energy to flow into the body, negative energy is then able to flow out, helping rid a person of disease, which could mean a specific sickness or simply negative vibes.  

However, in the end, healing crystals really are just pretty rocks. There is no scientific evidence to show that crystals can actually heal various maladies and traditional doctors wouldn’t try to cure a disease by sending a patient home with a prescription for crystals. 

That said, while there are no official, verified benefits to using crystals, that doesn’t mean they’re useless. Far from it, in fact!

Why are crystals so powerful?

Even though science can’t verify crystals’ power, that hasn’t stopped people from using healing crystals since ancient times. While there is warranted skepticism about crystal healing as an alternative to modern medical practices, these sacred stones can serve an important role in self care.

Helping people focus

What crystals can do is help people focus on what’s troubling them and engage in mindfulness about whatever that ailment may be. Perhaps someone is having a hard time focusing on finding self love after a hard breakup. 

Maybe someone is working to save money to follow a dream. Or suppose a person is feeling bogged down by negative energy and just wants to break free of those bad vibes.

Crystals, each one with its own purported power, help people by providing a tangible object through which to channel their emotions, whether they’re working through sadness and struggle or just need a mental boost. 

Through the power of positive thinking and manifestation, crystals can become an important tool for turning things around. 

The best healing crystals 

To find the right healing crystal for you, it’s important to think about what it is that you want to focus on. 

Each crystal has its own history of how it was used in ancient times, a specific connection with the earth in how it formed and inherent properties that make it special. 

So while there are many other stones with supposed healing power, these are some of the most popular.

Clear quartz

crystals for healing
(Tetra Images / Getty)

Clear quartz has earned a distinctive title over time of “master healer.” 

This healing crystal is known for its ability to amplify energy by both absorbing and then regulating that power. These clear crystals were known in ancient times for balancing out the body’s systems and were even used to help stimulate the immune system. 

Because clear quartz has been associated with concentration and memory, these crystals are popular with students who are embarking upon a big test or anyone giving an important speech or presentation. 

This stone is also known for aiding in ​​clearing the mind if you mind yourself getting anxious or overwhelming with negative energies. Overall, clear quartz is a solid starter stone if you’re interested in delving into healing crystals. It’s also a great companion stone to smoky quartz or rose quartz, which are both discussed below.

Smoky quartz

This clearish gray iteration of quartz is all about smoking out that negative energy so positive vibes can once again become abundant. 

If you’re in need of an energetic or mental boost, smoky quartz is supposed to attract both good vibrations and good luck into your life. This quartz crystal can also serve as a reminder to think positively and not fall down a rabbit hole of pessimism. 

Rose quartz

Another quartz crystal, this one a light pink color, rose quartz is best known for its healing powers. 

Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. This healing crystal brings emotional balance to relationships, helps restore trust and aids in forming close connections. 

Rose quartz is also said to help foster self love and respect, so if you’ve struggled with confidence or worthiness, this stone can help you become more mindful about how you love yourself. 

While raw rose quartz is a more rare form of quartz, this stone is still quite affordable if you’re looking to buy one. Some people wear this healing stone as a pendant necklace, keeping this crystal close to their heart. 

To use a rose quartz as a way to clear your heart chakra, lie down and place the stone over your heart. Then take six breaths—six is the number that’s most typically associated with love—and imagine that the stone is clearing negativity and darkness from your heart space. 

Breathe in love, then breathe out what no longer serves you. 


One of the most versatile stones, tourmaline is formed when crystalline boron silicate mineral is compounded with another element (like sodium, aluminium or iron), which makes it available in a variety of colors, or even multicolored. 

It’s reported benefits are just as varied: Tourmaline is known for enhancing communication, self-confidence, concentration and creativity. This healing crystal was used for treating anxiety, making it a calming stone for the nervous system both in the way it provides peace and how it channels good energy. 

Black tourmaline in particular is known for being an antidote to bad vibes. Called an energetic bodyguard, these healing crystals ward off negative energy and are supposed to provide protection from anyone or anything that’s trying to steal your joy. 

Black tourmaline can be a helpful talisman when you’re entering a social situation where you’re bound to encounter an energy vampire or two, for instance if you’re visiting relatives who you know can’t stop arguing about politics. Sneak this stone in your pocket beforehand so that you can be mindful of not allowing anyone’s negative energy to affect your mood. 


One of the most popular healing crystals used in antiquity, bloodstone was popular with the gladiators of ancient Greece, who used to carry these mystical stones into battle thinking these crystals’ power would help them win. 

This crystal is still apparently popular among some athletes who use bloodstone for good luck. The stone is thought to increase willpower and stamina in addition to providing an all-around good luck vibe. 

Tiger's Eye

stones for healing
(Joel Papalini / EyeEm / Getty)

The stone of opportunity and abundance, tiger’s eye symbolizes good luck. The patterns of lines on this healing crystal are thought to represent the various paths one can take to find that luck. 

In this way, this stone is thought to help people stay open to all of life's opportunities and possibilities because you really never know which path will lead you to where you want to go. 


This golden stone is known for its ability to channel energy to where it is needed the most. If you’re feeling blah or uninspired, this stone can help you get unstuck. 

Historically, it’s been used to bring forth good fortune, good health and even love into your life. It may also help relieve tension and help you be more open to new experiences and people. 

One form of topaz, the yellow variety, is especially helpful for boosting confidence and optimism. If you’re embarking on a big goal or coming up to an accomplishment this healing crystal will help you stay focused as well as balance the ego so you can focus on what really matters to get the job done. 

Topaz is also associated with the moon, giving it a celestial element that connects it to nature and femininity. In fact, some believe that the stone’s power actually follows the cycle of the moon. (This, of course, has not been proven but it’s still an interesting idea nonetheless.)


A stone for positive energy and emotional balance, labradorite is known for attracting good luck and self confidence. 

If you’re feeling deflated from a breakup, uninspired about being passed over for a promotion or just all around gloomy, this stone is supposed to help you transform a pessimistic attitude and help you reinvent yourself into a more creative, dynamic version of yourself.


crystal healing

Associated with the divine feminine, this healing crystal is thought to help balance emotions and increase both patience and acceptance with what is. If you’re in need of extra nurturing, this stone is the right one to turn toward. 

Moonstone is also a stone for encouraging you to follow your passions and can help support your inner knowing. Because of these two elements, this stone can be a powerful tool for both accepting (and celebrating!) yourself and making the most of your life. 


The stimulator of intuition, citrine is an important healing crystal to support manifestation and transforming dreams into reality. It’s been associated with healing the sacral chakra, which governs your creativity and emotional well-being, because it promotes self esteem, motivation and self expression. 

This healing crystal can be held when daydreaming or imagining your future to help you channel your most creative ideas on how to get to where you want to be in life.

Citrine is also associated with money and finances, making it a popular healing crystal for those who are embarking on a new business, saving up for a big purchase or trying a different  investment strategy.  

Because it’s associated with both manifestation and abundance, it has become a stone for garnering wealth. Some people tuck a small citrine stone into their wallet (or their business’ cash box) to help attract good fortune.


healing stones
(Naomi Rahim / Getty)

This purple healing crystal is the stone of mental clarity and focus. In fact, in ancient Greek stories, amethyst was used as an antidote for intoxication so that people could regain their facilities after overdoing it on the wine. 

When you’re feeling like you're at a crossroads and you’re not sure what decision to make about a given situation, this healing crystal is supposed to help clear your mind and allow your inner voice to shine through, clarifying what truly is best for you. 

If you’re simply brainstorming or need fresh ideas, amethyst can also help new thoughts flood your brain and allow you to feel more clear about the direction you want to go in. Some crystal healers suggest sleeping with an amethyst under your pillow to help you find mental clarity. 

Lapis lazuli

types of crystals
(Walter Geiersperger / Getty)

This radiant blue stone is typically used for healing both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. Known as the stone of truth, lapis lazuli is a healing crystal that promotes honesty in all forms: Spoken, written and thought. 

When you’re having trouble communicating or need to have a tough conversation with someone, this stone can be your rock (no pun intended) that reminds you to stay focused on what’s really important to convey. Holding one in your palm while you speak can remind you to remain calm, keep an open heart and say what’s on your mind honestly. 

How do I choose the right healing crystal for me?

Choosing the right crystals is an intuitive process. The best way to find the right healing crystal for you is to visit a store in person, if that’s possible, so you can look at and touch the stones. 

Usually, one or two stones in particular will quote-unquote speak to you: You’ll feel something when you hold them or you’ll be drawn to a certain color or shape of a stone. You can also look to your zodiac sign to see which healing crystals are associated with when you were born and choose your birthstone, which will have an added significance. 

If you're still unsure about which stone to purchase for yourself, you can try a crystal healing session first to work on anything that’s currently bothering you. A crystal healer can tell you more about the stones that interest you and show you how to use them, as well as suggest other crystals that you may have never heard of. This session can also be a great way to relax and get in touch with your mind-body connection.

Finally, while crystal healing may or may not be scientifically proven as effective, these crystals truly are what you make of them. When you use crystals thoughtfully and with a clear intention, you allow yourself to go inward and focus on what’s important to you. 

Your mind is more powerful that you can imagine—by allowing yourself to be honest and vulnerable about something you want to work on, you can use your healing crystal to channel better, more mindful actions in your daily life.

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