Your Personal Growth Will Upset People–Don’t Make These Mistakes

When you get on the path of self-improvement, you will inevitably change. This new version of yourself can upset some people in your life.

Teen In And Out Of Homelessness Named Valedictorian

Martin Folsom had it rough throughout high school, as he was homeless twice. Despite it all, he never lost sight of his goals.

11-Year-Old Girl Finally Meets The Donor Who Saved Her Life

Laila Anderson was diagnosed with a extremely rare immune system disease and was saved by Kenton Felmlee who became a bone marrow donor.

Discussion v.s Debate: The Secret of Interpersonal Communication

In any context, interpersonal communication is an important skill. Whether with friends or strangers, disagreement shouldn't always lead to conflict.

How Winnie Harlow Made It Despite Being Eliminated From America’s Next Top Model

Winnie Harlow's modeling career could have never happened after being eliminated from America's Next Top Model--this is how she made it.

Learned Helplessness: What Is It And How Can You Overcome It?

When people are constantly exposed to situations that seem uncontrollable, they feel helpless. Let's find out what learned helplessness actually is.

Single Mom Surprises Son With Backyard Graduation Ceremony

Single mother and Hurricane Katrina Survivor Ayanna Tatum made sure her son's graduation would be memorable, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

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