The Powerful Truth Behind Janet Jackson’s Complex Relationship With Her Father

How much did Janet Jackson's father, Joe, have a hand in making her the successful musician and performer she is today?

Dedicated Man Loses 150 Lbs During Lockdown After His Scale Read 430 Lbs

Kyle White decided to change his life and lost 150 lbs during the pandemic lockdown after the scale read 430 lbs.

How Jude Law Took Accountability After Cheating On His Wife With The Nanny

Jude Law's cheating scandal made headlines. How is the actor doing today and what crucial lessons did he learn from his mistakes?

Woman Who Was Always Dumped For Her Weight Finds Love With Personal Trainer

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes it takes getting the love of someone else...

This Is What Britney Spears Is Not Saying About Her Conservatorship

With Britney Spears finally breaking her silence on her conservatorship after 13 years, I often wonder what it is that she is not saying.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Romance With Travis Barker Is a Reminder To Let Go Of Your...

After 10 years and 3 children, Kourtney is ready to draw boundaries with her ex Scott Disick, and start a mature romance with Travis Barker.

Beloved Cook Sobs When Given Mortgage By Frat Brothers She Used To Take Care...

A frat house cook put her heart and soul into her job. Now three decades later, the frat gave her an incredible...

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