Woman Loses 175 Pounds After Quitting Her Sugar Addiction

Molly Carmel spent years trying to lose weight without success but upon realizing her unhealthy addiction to sugar, things started to change.

How Kobe Bryant Learned From His Daughter Gianna Bryant and Changed His Legacy Forever

Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna Bryant met an untimely death, which left the whole world in shock. Here is a look at their legacy for women in basketball.

How Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Navigated Divorce and Falling In Love As Coworkers

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Father-Son Liver Transplant

Father Lost 40 Pounds To Save His Son’s Life From Rare Genetic Disease

Sean Kelley decided to lose weight in order to qualify as a donor for his son, who suffers from a rare genetic condition called Alagille syndrome.

Why Will Smith’s Friendship With Martin Lawrence Changed His Life

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's friendship resisted the test of time but the former's career would not be where it is today without the latter.

Rihanna’s Transformation from Music Icon to Business Mogul Was A Long Time Coming

Rihanna's evolution from music to business mogul has been nothing short of impressive and her trajectory is a source of inspiration to us all.

How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Love Defied All Borders

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a prime example of a relationship where both partners are from completely different backgrounds but still making it work.

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