13 Years Ago, His Crush Talked Him Out Of Suicide–Today, They Are Married

Kevin Walsh was battling against depression and suicidal thoughts. When he was at his lowest point, he got a phone call from his first teenage crush, Blake Moore. As it turns out, that phone call changed both their lives forever.

Serena Williams Proves You Don’t Have To Change Anything About Yourself To Find Love

Many have carried ridiculous stereotypes about Serena Williams’s love life based on her appearance and personality. And the reality proved everyone wrong.

Insecure In Her Body, This Woman Lost Half Her Weight And Became A Fitness...

At 22, Donna Gillie had a realization. She was tired of feeling insecure in her body and decided to make a big change in her life. So she lost half her weight and became a bikini model.

911 Dispatcher Saves 2 Lives In The Span of 1 Hour All Thanks To...

911 dispatcher McKenzie Davis, 21, saved the lives of 2 people in the span of 1 hour, all thanks to her quick thinking and her CPR training.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Had to Break Up to Realize They Were Meant...

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's relationship may look conventional from the outside but the truth is, their beginning is far from your ordinary courtship.

Woman Reunites With Her Parents 25 years After She Was Kidnapped At Birth

Belle Barbu always knew she was from Romania. When she decided to find her biological family, she discovered just how tragic the story of her birth is. Luckily, neither her nor her parents ever stopped looking for each other.

How To Combat Body Image Issues Without Actually Changing Your Body

For many, quarantine has caused some old demons to resurface, including issues with body image and weight. In these times, we can easily forget that our bodies are more than just our physical appearances.

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