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Widow Learns About Her Late Husbands Huge Debt - Then She Gets a Message From a Stranger
Stranger Sends Money to Widow Every Month After Fisherman Husband Died
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Widow Learns About Her Late Husbands Huge Debt - Then She Gets a Message From a Stranger

Thanks to one stranger's generosity, the family can stay afloat.

In April 2020, Meng Rui's husband, a fisherman, tragically drowned at sea. He left behind two children, aged 8 and 7 months...and a huge boatload of debt.

Meng wasn't just devasted by his death, she was terrified. A stay-at-home mom with no income, the sudden loss of her husband left her not only grieving but also struggling to make ends meet for her family.

To make matters worse, the compensation she received from his employer (the equivalent of $150,000) was completely used up, paying down the debt he had accrued years before to treat his father's serious illness.

The family was left destitute...until a stranger contacted Meng on WeChat.

Money From Mysterious Stranger Starts Arriving Every Month

To put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, Meng, 29, found a job in a supermarket earning a paltry $280 a month. While something, it wasn't enough to cover all of their expenses.

Meng was drowning under the weight of financial insecurity.

But then, one day out of the blue, Meng received a message from a stranger on WeChat. The person, who refused to reveal their true identity, had heard about her family's plight from a social worker and wanted to help.

Shortly afterward, Meng received a money transfer of $200. Then again the next month and the next...And every month for the past four years. Extra cash arrives for important festivals and holidays, like the Lunar New Year.

The money, which nearly doubles her monthly income, has been life-changing.

Anonymous Benefactor Revealed

three adults and one child

For four years, Meng's mysterious benefactor remained anonymous. However, with the help of the Chinese media, the single mom of two finally uncovered her fairy godmother — or in this case, godfather.

He lived 20 hours away, in Zhoushan, China.

Last month, Meng, along with her mother-in-law and her four-year-old daughter, hopped aboard a coach and a train to make the long trek to thank Yu Xiaolong in person.

"To thank this benefactor face-to-face has been a wish in my heart for a few years," Meng said.

Her wish finally came true. Meng and her entourage met Yu in person at his company, a marine technology enterprise business.

"Thank you so much. Without your help, we could not live. Your monthly donation gives us hope."

Meng Rui to Yu Xiaolong

In addition to their heartfelt gratitude, the family also came bearing gifts, a silk appreciation banner and a bag of peanuts.

"We do not have precious things to give you. These peanuts were planted by us. We hope you like them," Meng told Yu.

Despite his significant impact on the Meng family, Yu remains humble telling them that his generosity is "not a big deal."

It also isn't stopping any time soon. He plans to continue funding the family until the kids are 18 years old.

Paying It Forward

Yu's monthly donations don't just positively impact the family financially, they also have a profound side effect, one that can't be measured in dollars and cents.

They instill a sense of hope and security for their future. And that? Is priceless.

Meng hopes to pay his kindness forward someday and is teaching her kids to follow in their benefactor's footsteps.

"I will regard Mr. Yu as a family member. I will educate my kids to remember his kindness and make their own contribution to society in the future," she said.

Yu heard about a stranger in need and decided to do something about it. And his recurring act of kindness is the difference between making it and not for one young family.

Not all of us can afford to keep another family afloat financially, but we can all commit to spreading a different kind of wealth — kindness.

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