Maggie Doyne

Maggie Doyne Changed the World, Starting With Just One Girl

Maggie Doyne took a gap year when she was 18 and volunteered in Nepal. That's when she met the orphan girl who changed her world.
Alvin Law at Goalcast Live

Alvin Law Was Born Without Arms — Here’s How He Became a Rock Star

Alvin Law, who was born with no arms, credits his adoptive mother with giving him the determination to break past labels and become a rock star.
Ian Humphrey

The Days That Made Ian Humphrey Glad to Be Alive

Ian Humphrey shares stories about his dad, his time in prison, and his perspective on life, to motivate you to make the most of your opportunities.
Albert Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue

Einstein Didn’t Say That: Why the Genius is Misquoted So Much

Albert Einstein was an indisputable genius of physics. He has said many great and eminently quotable things, so why has he been so widely misquoted?

Social House on Turning Pain Into Pop Art

Social House, the pop duo behind "Boyfriend" featuring Ariana Grande, use their painful experiences to create uplifting pop music.
Liam Cormier shot by Benoit Rousseau

Dead Set on Living: How Going “Straight Edge” Manifested Greatness for Liam Cormier

The singer and founding member of punk band Cancer Bats brought his musical dreams to fruition by going straight edge.
BINA48 at C2

We Asked a Robot to Teach Us About Love — Here’s What We Learned

Being in her presence is thrilling and unsettling, interacting with her even more so. Her head turns, her...

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