Runner Purposefully Sacrifices First-Place Win To Help Carry Rival To Finish Line

One runner shocked sports purists when he sacrificed sweet victory for sportsmanship, sending a powerful message about what matters most.
goal setting

Why Goal Setting Is Important: How to Set Goals to Help You Succeed

Goals—we all have them in one form or another. This is why the art of goal setting becomes an important skill to master.

What Is Mindfulness? A Guide To Starting (Or Restarting) Your Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness will change your life. The best time to learn the basics about mindfulness and begin practicing is here and now.
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How To Get Over A Breakup: 9 Practical Steps To Heal Your Heart

Getting over a breakup is no easy feat. You can set yourself in the right direction, and get back on your feet sooner than you think.
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What is an Empath? A Guide To Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person

What is an empath? Here is a definitive guide to thriving as a highly sensitive person (with 13 actionable steps).

Woman Survives Psychological Abuse And Proves You Can Find Healthy Love Again

Jungle Flower escaped a psychologically abusive relationship, created an organization for abuse survivors and along the journey found love.

The Growth Mindset: 10 Steps To Move Past Limitations And Fulfill Your Potential

The growth mindset will set you on the right path toward achieving your dreams. Let's set you in that direction right now.

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