Tony Robbins: I Was Broke

Tony Robbins - Give Tony Robbins tells a story about struggling financially but still staying optimistic and believing in generosity despite his difficult circumstances. Transcript: I was...

Lisa Nichols: Got Fired From Five Different Jobs

Lisa Nichols - Rescue Yourself Lisa Nichols reveals a moving story about her struggle and how she turned her life around with less than 12...
Priyanka Chopra: Create Your Own Legacyvideo

Priyanka Chopra: Create Your Own Legacy

Priyanka Chopra - Pave Your Own Path Indian actress Priyanka Chopra discusses the importance of always being true to yourself, and says it's better to...

Brendon Burchard: Life-Saving Instructions at 20,000 Feet

Brendon Burchard - Listen Through the Fear Energetic Brendon Burchard tells us of the time he failed to listen to these life-saving instructions before jumping...

Bill Nye: We Are All One Race

Bill Nye - Change The World Bill Nye the science guy gives a speech about the human existential realization of our place in the Universe and...

David Goggins: What Drives You to Greatness?

David Goggins - Find Your Greatness Ultra-endurance athlete David Goggins talks about his childhood struggles with racism and bullying, and says that when you find...
Ian Humphrey

The Days That Made Ian Humphrey Glad to Be Alive

Ian Humphrey shares stories about his dad, his time in prison, and his perspective on life, to motivate you to make the most of your opportunities.

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