Inky Johnson | This is How You Turn Tragedy into Triumph

Inky Johnson - Impact. Inspire. Empower. Inky Johnson was 8 games away from playing in the NFL when tragedy struck. Here is why he is...

Gloria Mayfield Banks | The 3Cs to Reboot Your Life

Gloria Mayfield Banks - Find the Courage In this amazing inspirational talk, author, speaker and all-round ray of sunshine Gloria Mayfield Banks reveals the 3...

Ross Szabo | How To Take Charge of Your Mental Health

Ross Szabo - Tell Your Story Growing up in a family stricken by mental illness, Ross Szabo feared the day he would be diagnosed with something....

Tom Bilyeu | How to Find Your Talent

Tom Bilyeu - Take Action Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and co-founder & CEO of Impact Theory, reveals how this shift in mindset helped...

Stick to Your Healthier New Years’ Resolution With This Personalized Online-Gym Membership

As noble as new years resolutions are, the fact of the matter remains that most people don’t keep them. As successful as early January looks, most of us will have fallen back to our bad old habits come February, and by the time March and April roll around we’ll be pretending we never even made a resolution to begin with. Unless, of course, we set a real plan and stick to it -- maybe with the help of a Fitterclub Personal Training 5-Year Membership.
Quentin Tarantino: Communication Your Visionvideo

Quentin Tarantino: Communicate Your Vision

Quentin Tarantino - Express Your Vision Quentin Tarantino talks about his difficult beginnings as a filmmaker, and says the most important thing is to have...
Father Gregory Boyle

Father Gregory Boyle’s Boundless Compassion Turns Gangsters Into Heroes

When it comes to transforming the life of a former gang member, Father Gregory believes that compassion is the first step to take.

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