4 Reasons to Read More Books In 2019

Everybody says that want to read more, and most of them actually do, but the hard reality is that reading is time consuming. These days, we’re busier than we’ve ever been, so we have to maximize our recreation time with things that stimulate our minds, right? Netflix, video games, cross-fit, hot yoga -- you need to maximize the effectiveness of your time, and reading just can’t do that… right?

David Goggins: What Drives You to Greatness?

David Goggins - Find Your Greatness Ultra-endurance athlete David Goggins talks about his childhood struggles with racism and bullying, and says that when you find...

Gaur Gopal Das: The 5 Letter Secret to a Worry-Free Life

Gaur Gopal Das - Smile Gaur Gopal Das swears by a simple mental exercise that keeps you happy, healthy, and in control. Transcript: The most pleasing five lettered...
Sylvester Stallone - Use Your Fearsvideo

Sylvester Stallone: Use Your Fear

Sylvester Stallone - Fear Is Fuel Sylvester Stallone talks about using his fears of mediocrity to fuel his hunt for overachievement. Transcript: "There is always fear. I even...
Tom Hanks: Cultivate Your Faith, Not Your Fearvideo

Tom Hanks: Cultivate Your Faith, Not Your Fear

Tom Hanks - Fear or Faith Tom Hanks tells a parable about the importance of cultivating our faith rather than our fears, so that we...

Growing Up, I Hated My Dad. Now I See Him Differently

Not everyone has the chance to have a good relationship with their father. This is how I moved on from my abusive childhood.

Tiffony Jacobs | This is How to Dream and Achieve

Tiffony Jacobs - Think. Believe. Achieve. Tiffony Jacobs started life with nothing. And then she grew up with even less. In this powerful and emotional...

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