How to Give Advice Without Seeming Patronizing

It’s tempting to offer words of wisdom to those in your closest social circles, but it can be a delicate balance between...
Ariana Grande

5 Daily Habits to Steal From Ariana Grande, Including Keeping Her Ego in Check

You know her from her super-high ponytail and impressive vocals — but there’s definitely more to Ariana Grande than you realize.
Richard Branson

5 Daily Habits to Steal From Richard Branson, Including Accepting Failure

You know him as Richard Branson, the iconic leader behind Virgin Airlines but his technical title? Well, it’s a mouthful: Sir Richard...

5 Daily Habits to Steal From Bradley Cooper, Including Going With His Gut

Noted for his versatile and captivating performances, dedication to cancer-research, and his dreamy blue eyes, Bradley Cooper is one of the most...
Keanu Reeves

5 Daily Habits to Steal From Keanu Reeves, Including How Tragedy Motivates Him

There’s something about Keanu Reeves, don’t you think? Lovable on camera, no matter what role he’s portraying, he’s been beloved by men...

The 6 Most Valuable Career Skills of 2019 — And How to Develop Them

Though you likely haven’t thought about those New Year's resolutions in a while, 2019 is nearly half-way over. With another lap around...

Can This MasterClass Turn You Into a Business Genius?

The internet has been a boon for distributed learning. First came opportunities for self-directed research, like Wikipedia and Investopedia. Soon enough, actual...

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