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strangers doing good

Two men standing in a restaurant and a photo of a restaurant owner looking out the window.
Uplifting News

Man Posts Sad Photo of Struggling Hot Dog Seller - Little Did He Know It'd Change His Life

The restaurant business is a hard one, full of long hours, complex challenges and a high turnover rate. Running a successful eatery requires a lot of skill, dedication, and luck, and even then, there’s no guarantee the restaurant will succeed. So when someone goes above and beyond to help your establishment thrive, it’s a pretty big thing.

Woman holding her newborn baby and a couple looking at their baby.
Uplifting News

Pregnant Woman Delivers Her Own Baby In Her Car - Then, Hears a Knock on the Window

Giving birth can be a scary experience, especially when things don’t go as planned. Usually though, moms-to-be know they’re in the hands of a professional, which can make the process more reassuring. That was not the case for this mother when she went into emergency labor, but fortunately, someone unexpectedly stepped in to help.

Woman cleaning utensils and a woman crying.
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Struggling Woman Agrees to Clean ​House for $2 - Doesn't Realize It’s Hers

Everyone is dealt a different set of cards in life; some people have more opportunities than others. For some people, a job cleaning a house for two bucks seems like a rip-off. But for one woman, it was the windfall she needed that day. What she didn’t realize was that the house she was cleaning would eventually be hers.

Man in a hoodie standing next to a woman in a doorway and a frustrated man
Uplifting News

Homeless Man Is On The Verge of Giving Up - But a Cup of Hot Chocolate Changes His Life

Cian Murtagh builds homes for other people, but ironically, he doesn't have one of his own.He grew up in state care and aged out at 18 years old, landing on the streets. He's lived there ever since. Now 30, he's spent the past 12 years just struggling to survive despite working a full-time job. However not anymore. Thanks to the incredible kindness of strangers and the power of GoFundMe, he finally has a place to call home.

Strangers at elderly U.S veteran's funeral.
Uplifting News

Elderly Veteran Is "Abandoned" After Passing Away - So Hundreds of Strangers Do This

When U.S. veteran Gerry R. Brooks died in a nursing home in Maine, he died alone. Forsaken and abandoned in life, he seemed destined to remain so in death.That is, until hundreds of kind-hearted strangers who knew nothing about him dropped everything to stand in the sweltering heat of a summer afternoon just so they could say goodbye.

Women sharing a special moment and a woman looking confused.
Uplifting News

Stranger Offers Woman a Ride - What Happens Next Changes Their Life

Life can work in funny ways, especially when you’re least expecting it to. That was certainly the case for two women in Richmond, Virginia, who randomly came into each other’s orbits before realizing they actually had a lot in common. As for the friendship that blossomed? It turned into a life-saving relationship.

Newborn baby and a woman crying.
Uplifting News

Single Mom's Car is Repossessed With Her Newborn Inside - One Lawyer Takes Her Side

Single mom of two, Sabriya Miles, was dropping her four-year-old son off at daycare when she made the split-second decision to leave her seven-day-old baby in the car (with it still running).It's a decision she would quickly regret.Seconds later, the horrified mom would watch as a repo man sped away in the car — her baby still in the backseat.And while plenty of people have been quick to criticize the young mom's actions, one stranger has jumped to her defense.

A puffin sweater, a woman wearing a puffin sweater and a man's reply on X (inset)
Uplifting News

Woman Shares One of Her Biggest Regrets in Life Online - A Stranger Just Fixed It

No one makes it through life without regrets. It is an unfortunate by-product of being human. And while we learn to live with them, it can be hard to let them go.But luckily for one woman, there's one regret that no longer haunts her. And it's all thanks to the kindness of a stranger halfway across the world.

Elderly woman looking shocked and a stranger speaking to a 75-year-old woman with glasses.
Uplifting News

Homeless 75-Year-Old Gives Her Food To a Stranger - So, He Completely Changes Her Life

For the past nine years, 75-year-old Linda Witt-King has been living on the streets of Costa Mesa, California. But that all changed with one chance encounter...and now, thanks to her simple act of kindness and the power of social media, she has a place she can finally call HOME.

Elderly man pushing carts and an elderly man wearing a cap and glasses.
Uplifting News

90-Year-Old Pushes Carts To Afford Food - So a Stranger Takes Matters Into Her Own Hand

Most people dream of spending their golden years happily retired. But for a lot of people over the age of 65, this, unfortunately, isn't their reality. The cost of living has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to sock away enough savings for retirement, let alone sustain a comfortable lifestyle on a fixed income. Instead of enjoying the fruits of their many years of labor, people like Dillon McCormick are forced to continue working long after they should have to.But now, thanks to a chance encounter, this Air Force veteran is finally getting his due.