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Person holding a handwritten note and an engaged couple.

Man's Note With Chipotle Order Funds His Dream Wedding

TikTok/ @erica_cristal and Instagram/ @paulslobo711
Uplifting News

Engaged Driver Adds Note To Woman's Chipotle Order - She Uses It to Change His Life

The note went insanely viral with over 34 MILLION views.

Arizona couple, Paul Slobodzian and his fiancée Aly Perkins, have been together for six years and got engaged last year. They've spent the past 15 months trying to save money for the wedding of their dreams.

But dream weddings come with a hefty price tag. So Paul, who in addition to his day job side hustles as a delivery driver 25 hours a week, decided to try to drum up some extra cash by attaching a sweet handwritten note to each of his orders.

And now thanks to one stranger, the power of social media, AND a whole lot of people rooting for love, the couple just got their happily ever after.

A Delivery Driver's Note Goes "Super Viral"

Customer's Chipotle order came with a handwritten note from the delivery driver.TikTok · erica_cristal

Paul had no idea that when he attached a handwritten note to Erica Hernandez's Chipotle order that it was going to be life-changing.

"I probably taped that note to 2,000 orders here around the valley," he said.

But all it took was one.

In the note, Paul shared that he was “driving for ❤️on the side” to give his fiancée the “wedding she deserves.” He added that “any additional tip” through the ordering app or Venmo would be appreciated (alongside his tag).

And who says true love is dead??

Erica was so touched and inspired by Paul's effort to make Aly's dream come true that she decided to post the note on her TikTok account. Despite not having a lot of followers she hoped it would reach "the right people."

It's pretty safe to say it did. Within two hours it went viral. And so far? It's reached a whopping 34 MILLION people. Donations came pouring in.

"Your phone just started blowing up," his fiancée Aly told Fox10.

"We didn't really expect anything to come of this and the fact that a stranger got our note and felt so compelled to post it on the internet and advocate for two strangers is unbelievable," she added.

In less than a week, Paul and Aly received enough donations for their dream wedding this September, including $500 from Chipotle itself and an offer from the company to be a part of their upcoming nuptials.

The Groom-To-Be Provides an Update


CHIPOTLE DELIVERY DRIVER FIANCÉ UPDATE: A huge thank you to everyone who has reached out regarding my note on @erica_cristal’s video. The support for me and my fiancée, @Aly, means more than I can express. Thank you all for changing our lives. #update #chipotle #wedding #deliverydriver

After Erica's TikTok blew up the platform, Paul shared his own TikTok thanking people for all their support.

He also gave some touching background on the Paul and Aly love story explaining that they met seven years ago when they were both sophomores in college. They started dating a year later.

"We have been by each other's side every step of the way, through the highs and lows. She is my rock. I love her with everything in my heart."

He also shared that he isn't the only one working double duty to make extra money to pay for the wedding. Aly has too.

He said they'd both been working with UberEats for the past 15 months, often working 7 days a week before Erica's TikTok captured the hearts of millions.

“Within the last 24 hours [of Hernandez’s video being posted] we have earned enough to be able to stop driving and we’ll be able to reclaim that time to spend together in our engagement,” he said before adding, “I don’t even know how to express my gratitude for this to anyone who has reached out who has sent… anything our way that is positive. It's truly changed our lives.”

"It's Amazing What Can Happen When We All Come Together"


Replying to @Alexis 🌺🌴 UPDATE: @erica_cristal IS COMING TO THE WEDDING! #greenscreen #update #chipotle #deliverydriver #wedding

Paul and Aly will officially become husband and wife on September 21. As for Erica? She'll be right there with them.

After she completely changed their lives, the couple thought it only fair to invite her to the wedding. She happily accepted.

And while the happy couple got what they wanted, Erica is also basking in karma, getting back a portion of the good that she put out into the world.

Paul and Aly gave her $1,000 as a "Thank you" and Chipotle also reached out wanting to give her "some love" for her "amazing work in sharing Paul and Aly's story."

Additionally, she's also received offers from other companies, including Lily's Sweets.

Erica credits "so many good people in the world" for making Paul and Aly's dream come true. However, it never would have happened without her making the effort to help them. It's because of her willingness to do something kind for complete strangers that made it all possible.

As one commenter so aptly put it, never underestimate the power of one person to change a life.

"You don't have a lot of followers but you changed someone's life. never underestimate yourself 💕"

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