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Pregnant Woman Delivers Baby in Chipotle Parking Lot - And the Restaurant’s Response Wasn’t What She Expected
Chipotle Throws Mom Who Gave Birth in Parking Lot a Baby Shower
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Pregnant Woman Delivers Baby in Chipotle Parking Lot - And the Restaurant’s Response Wasn’t What She Expected

This is "nacho" typical birth story.

When it comes to giving birth, most women like to have some sort of plan. Like, for instance, what type of birth they want, or whether they want to give birth in a hospital or at home.

But as doctors are prone to tell you when you're expecting, plans are made to be broken. And no one knows this better than Colorado mom, Adrianna Alvarez.

How One Pregnant Woman Ended Up Giving Birth in a Chipotle Parking Lot

Adrianna Alvarez and her husband Saul Flores planned on having their fourth child in a hospital. Apparently, Baby Flores didn't get the memo.

The couple was headed to the hospital when Adrianna's water broke and her contractions started coming fast and furious.

“We were actually driving down this road to get to the hospital and we were getting really close to the street and I told him [Saul] 'we’re not going to make it, I feel like the baby is coming,'” Adrianna told KDVR.

Saul immediately called 9-1-1.

When the dispatcher, Angie Schell, found out that Adrianna's contractions were less than a minute apart, she knew the baby wasn't just coming, he was almost here.

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There was no way the couple was going to make it to the hospital in time. Angie instructed Saul to pull over.

“We ended up in front of Chipotle. It was really weird,” Adrianna said.

As it happens, the couple and Chipotle have a history together. The parents first met while they were both working there.

And now, in a surprising twist of fate, they were about to meet their son for the first time there too.

With the help of Angie coaching the couple over the phone, Adrianna ended up delivering their son, Jaden Flores, in the back of her car in the Chipotle restaurant parking lot. Giving a whole new meaning to the term "burrito baby."

How Chipotle Responded to the Surprise Birth

To celebrate the surprise delivery, Chipotle decided to throw the couple a baby shower at the restaurant where he was born. The theme? "Burrito Baby," of course.

"When we heard about baby Jaden, who was born in our parking lot, and the amazing teamwork between the family and the dispatcher, we were so excited for the opportunity to do something special for them," said Quinn Kelsey, public relations and communications manager for Chipotle.

In addition to decorations, balloons, and a letterboard that read, "Congrats on your Little Burrito," the restaurant also put its own unique spin on the food, setting up a dessert table filled with cupcakes and cake, each one adorned with a burrito cake topper.

They even went so far as gifting an adorable tortilla swaddle blanket to "wrap" the guest of honor, Jaden, in.

Chipotle Introduces Parents to the 9-1-1 Dispatcher Who Helped Deliver Their Baby

While the baby shower itself was incredible, Adrianna and Saul were most excited about the chance to meet their 9-1-1 angel, Angie. An opportunity Angie was thrilled about too.

After all, Jaden's birth was a first for her too. In her 18 years of working as a dispatcher, it was the first time she got to help with the delivery.

“We do a lot of childbirths but we rarely get to the actual birth part,” Angie said. “This one was the first one in 18 years that I actually got to dispatch and help with the baby being born.”

She continued, "I've been the last voice that many people have spoken to, so it's really nice to be able to be there for their first breath, too."

And she's got one heck of a birth story to share, along with Jaden's parents.

Delivering a baby in a Chipotle parking lot obviously wasn't a part of Adrianna's and Saul's birth plans. But sometimes, the most unexpected moments bring the greatest blessings.

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