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Frantic Grandmom Calls Firefighters to Help Her Pregnant Daughter - 22 Years Later, They Meet the Baby They Delivered
Firefighters Reunite With the Baby They Delivered 22 Years Ago
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Frantic Grandmom Calls Firefighters to Help Her Pregnant Daughter - 22 Years Later, They Meet the Baby They Delivered

Janae Watson had never heard the story of her birth.

First responders are used to helping out in all kinds of emergencies, even if that emergency isn’t something you’d expect them to respond to.

Firefighters are usually the first to arrive at a 9-1-1 call, and sometimes they’re forced into action before an ambulance can arrive. That’s what happened one day 22 years ago when a grandmother-to-be called for help as her daughter was giving birth.

Why Three Firefighters Decided to Deliver a Baby

three men and a baby

Ron Hepler was a fire captain in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, more than two decades ago when his squad got an emergency call.

It was their 12th call of the shift, according to the man’s log, and when they arrived, they realized a pregnant mother needed their help.

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The grandmother-to-be had called for help and was shocked when firemen showed up instead. “She said, ‘We didn’t call you, firefighters,’” Hepler recalled in an interview with Fox. “I said, ‘Ma’am, as soon as the ambulance gets here, we’ll back out.’”

But the ambulance never arrived since it had taken a wrong turn. And that baby was coming. So the trio of firefighters leaned on their training and safely delivered a baby girl: Janae Watson. And it was a good thing they were there because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Luckily, their quick-thinking saved her life.

A Heartwarming Reunion 22 Years Later

woman in a hoodie hugging a man in a white shirt

When Janae was six months old, her grandmother tracked down all three firefighters at Station 3, and they held a little reunion. Growing up, though, Janae had no idea. She was way too young to remember that day, and no one told her the harrowing story of her birth. Until she was 22 years old, that is.

When Janae’s birthday came around, her grandmother decided it was time to once again track down the men who brought her granddaughter into the world. “I was determined to find them, and I found all three of them,” she recalled to Fox.

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For Janae, the meeting was like unlocking a piece of her history. “I was just shocked and excited," she said. “That’s my first time ever seeing a baby picture of me or hearing the story of me at birth.”

Janae and the firefighters met up on a Saturday evening at the fire station. According to Hepler, Janae was shy initially, but eventually, she warmed up to them. “I was so happy that she made it through life to be the person she is now,” he said.

How Three Firefighters Proved Their Work Was More Than Just a Job

The Winston-Salem fire department shared photos of the sweet reunion on Twitter, reminding everyone that what they do is so much more than a job.

Sometimes being a firefighter (or any kind of community officer or first responder) requires you to go above and beyond the daily grind. And for many, that’s why they take these jobs in the first place.

This story is so heartwarming because Janae’s grandmother remembered the men who helped deliver her granddaughter into this world and ensured she was safe. By reaching out, she not only reminded them that they made a difference, but she also gave her granddaughter a memory back.

It motivates us to remember those who have helped us in life and to remember their help even years later. If there’s someone you’re thinking about who made a difference in your life, why not track them down and reach out to tell them? As far as they know, you might not even remember them. But reminding someone of the difference they made doesn’t just make them feel good, it can help give purpose and meaning — something everyone could use a little boost of every now and again.

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