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12-Year-Old Trusts Her Instincts And Saves Little Girl From Being Abducted in Broad Daylight
12-Year-Old Trusts Her Instincts And Saves Little Girl From Being Abducted in Broad Daylight
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12-Year-Old Trusts Her Instincts And Saves Little Girl From Being Abducted in Broad Daylight

A neighborhood tween's quick thinking saved a 4-year-old from a suspicious man when her parents were busy elsewhere.

Twelve-year-old Jada Miller was playing with her friends in their Kenosha, Wisconsin neighborhood when she realized something was off.

A man known as Eli or Elijah (his legal name is actually Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee), was leading 4-year-old Caylee away, and the toddler's parents were nowhere to be seen.

She chased after the kidnapped girl

Spasogevich-Lee was reportedly considered to be suspicious in the neighborhood, often doing yoga in his underwear on his front lawn. He even allegedly talked to neighborhood kids about sexual assault and kidnapping.

"I felt that if I had stopped to ring the doorbell, the parents were too busy doing something. They wouldn't get to the door in time," Miller told TMJ4. "I just ran after Caylee because I didn't know what could have happened next."

When Miller arrived to rescue the girl, the man fortunately let her go.

Caylee was like, 'I’ll be back' and then I looked at him and said, ‘no she won’t.'

Jada Miller

Brave tween saves the day

When interviewed, the girl's father said he "never thought [Spasogevich-Lee] would do something like that."

The father added that he decided to call the police instead of chasing after his daughter.

"I wanted to go chase after him, I really did, but that's not how I was brought up so I called the police," he said.

As of the story's release in 2017, Spasogevich-Lee was being held on charges of disorderly conduct and child abduction. When released, he was ordered not to interact with anyone under 18.

Keep an eye out for each other

While it's unclear what Caylee's father was doing leaving his toddler outside and not chasing after her when she was taken away, 12-year-old Jada Miller is worth celebrating. Her bravery and boldness saved 4-year-old Caylee, and is a reminder for all of us to keep an eye open for anything suspicious.

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Be aware of your surroundings
There could be danger lurking around the corner, so keep an eye out for trouble.

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