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13 Life Hacks Every Student Should Know

13 Life Hacks Every Student Should Know


Would you like a few shortcuts to make your life easier? Who wouldn't, right? Life in college can get busy, and expensive. And so, here is a pack of lifehacks everyone can use.


Buy Multi-Colored Bedsheets

Sure, white sheets make the room look more tidy and clean. But you know what? No matter how clean you think you can be, with all the people coming over all the time, it is going to be hard to clean. The impromptu parties or even the study group snacking on your bed is not going to help.

Attend Functions For Free Food and Entertainment

Attending your college plays or other events is a great way to show your support. Well, if that’s the last thing on your mind, come over anyway. You can save some serious cash that is otherwise spent eating or drinking out. Weekly meetings by, say, Christ Crusaders group usually have free pizzas!

Clean Dirty Keyboard With a Post-It

Here’s a cheap and easy way to clean the crumbs off your keyboard. We know you’ve been snacking and typing away at it. You’ve got to keep your keyboard clean. You don’t want to fall sick at the wrong time of the year.


Use Multi-Colored Pens To Take Notes

It’ll be fun to read, organize notes and make it look pretty as well.

Work Harder On Easy Subjects

It’s normal to slack off on easy subjects because they are so easy, right? Here is a thought. As you progress your classes will be more difficult and they usually have the same weight as the earlier classes. If you work a little harder in the beginning to make sure you Ace those early courses, you can make sure you have a high score early on. These high scores will help you balance your GPA later on.

Finish Early

Study and keep up your scores in real time. Giving exams and passing as per the schedule will help you finish college on time. This way, you will save money on boarding, food and travel! This is the easiest way to ease up your college debt.

Install an App To Help You Focus

The SelfControl app will block all those social media apps on your phone, for a said time. It is a good idea to block your phone during your study time. This way, you can focus completely on whatever task or assignment you may have. Use Evernote to take notes in class and you can save on notebooks.


Make Coffee Without A Coffee Machine

You know you need your coffee fill for all those early morning classes or late night study sessions. Learn how to brew a cup, without a coffee machine so you can do it anywhere, anytime.

  • Get the water boiling first.
  • Add sugar and stir.
  • Add a teaspoon of coffee powder.
  • Stir and brew this for a minute or two.
  • Turn off and pour into a cup.
  • Voila!

Toast Bread On A Pan

Another reason, and an easy way to save up. Instead of buying a toaster, you can use a pan to toast your bread in. By doing this you can save some counter space too.

Heat Your Pizza With Water

Want to reheat last night’s pizza? Putting it straight into a microwave can dry out the toppings and may also make the pizza crust go chewy.

Place 10 ml mug of water in the microwave and then place your pizza on a plate on top of the mug. Do this to keep the crusts crispy and the pizza topping tasty.


App to keep track of payments

When you borrow or lend small change to your roommates, it can easily add up. You may not realize it, but by the end of the month or two, it accounts for quite a lot of money. Use apps like Splitwise and Venmo to keep track of who owes who what.

Buy old books or share

Buy books can burn a big hole in your pocket! Unless you can really afford it, you don't have to buy new textbooks. You can share books with a trusted friend or roommate. You could use your student library. Or go online to find the chapters you need to study for, instead of buying a new textbook. Another hack about textbooks is to ask seniors who may want to resell their textbooks at the end of the year. You may even get lucky and find some useful notes inside the textbooks!  

Use Cash

Well this is a wise thing to do in college or even otherwise. Do not use a credit card. Your student loan should be your only loan. Add a credit card to the equation and that’s it. Using cash will keep you alert and aware of how much money you exactly have to spend. Leave your wallet at home and go out with the cash you need to spend.

Having a budget will help you track your spending, and will help you be more responsible with what you have. Use your time and money wisely.

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