Do it. How to stop procrastination. ProcrastinatingProcrastination happens to the best of us. We know we have to do something, but for some reason we push it off to a later time or we waste our time endlessly scrolling on our Facebook Feed. However, the most successful people, the ones that reach their goals, find ways to work around procrastination. They’ve conquered it to the point where it doesn’t get in the way of accomplishing their true potential. Here are three easy steps to help you become successful and conquer procrastination once and for all.

Recognise When It’s Affecting You

To be able to beat procrastination you need to realise that you’re actually doing it. It’s time to recognise the signs, and avoid excuses that you’re getting something done while doing it. The important thing is you’re not getting the task at hand completed. Once you recognise when you’re procrastinating, you can start taking steps to completely conquer it from happening.

It’s also worth knowing the signs just before you start letting your mind wander. For example, I tend to always want to make tea right before starting to work on important things. So I would go all the way to the kitchen, boil water, wait for the water to boil, pour a cup, find something sweet to go with the tea and then go back to my desk. The whole process would take 15 minutes and I would do this 4-5 times a day. I solved this problem by keeping a thermos with hot tea next to my desk. Now I make tea once in the morning and when I get a craving, I can just pour tea without leaving my desk.  Identify what usually brings your mind to start wandering away from the current project and find ways to avoid it from happening.

Take Regular Breaks from a Task

While you need to get through the task, if it’s taking you hours then you’re not as likely to complete it without procrastinating. Breaks are essential to complete your goals, and these breaks need to be away from whatever the task is. Just take a five-minute walk around work or get outside for 10 minutes to enjoy the fresh air. Your mind will be more settled and ready to work when you get back to the task. The best system I have used to do this is called the Pomodoro Technique. It involves breaking your work into short, timed intervals (usually 25 minutes) with no distractions that are then separated by short breaks (usually 5 minutes).

Set Your Goals in Writing

The end goal can be forgotten over time. To avoid this, you can write it down and put it somewhere you can see on a daily basis. When you start procrastinating, you can look back at that written down goal and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re currently working on. For example, you could write it down on a post it and stick it on a wall or you can change your computer’s wallpaper to a picture that represents your goal. This way you can curb procrastination before it even happens.

Take your goals seriously and make sure you regularly take breaks from your tasks. With these two, you can limit the amount of procrastination that happens on a daily basis to become a successful person.


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