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3 Tips to Stay Patient and Positive When Waiting for Your Breakthrough
stay patient - waiting for your breakthrough

3 Tips to Stay Patient and Positive When Waiting for Your Breakthrough

Ever been stuck waiting?

Sometimes, that job, client, business, partner, house or (insert goal) seems to be taking FOREVER, and it can be easy to spiral down into that "it’s never going to happen" delusion. I say delusion because that is exactly what it is.

For every action there is a reaction – and as long as you are taking steps (no matter how small they may seem at the time) – there will be a breakthrough. It’s universal law.

But, sometimes we have to fight harder (or differently) for that breakthrough. I know my patience has been tested more times than I can count on this issue. Before I got my first job in TV, I was rejected at least ten times from other jobs.

3 Tips to Stay Patient and Positive When Waiting for Your Breakthrough

You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.

- Craig Bruce

Your mind is a funny thing. It’s there to protect you, but sometimes it can sabotage you into believing things that are not true, but feel true based on your experience in that moment (after all, what you focus on persists).

So, if you are waiting for your breakthrough, here are some tips to prevent you from having a total breakdown, and to help you keep your eye on the prize while you wait for your dreams to come to pass.

1. Remind yourself that timing is everything

You have no idea how many factors have to slot in place before your breakthrough appears. It’s not just about you being ready – it’s about the circumstances, the people, the opportunity being just right for you to be a part of it. While you may feel ready, the other parts or people may not.

If you meet your 'future’ spouse but they aren’t in a good place to recognize who you are to them, it won’t be happily ever after. Your dream job may not be so dreamy right now, and something in that team might need to shift before you come in. OR, it may be you – you may still have some lessons that you need to take in. Hard to hear, but sometimes we are blocking our own breakthrough – so look at where you are at and ask yourself, "What do I need to learn here?"

I promise you, when it happens you won’t be short-changed. You will feel just right.

2. Refocus and wait joyfully

I don’t own a crystal ball. I have no idea when your breakthrough is going to happen. But I know this – how you live waiting, is how you live life. Before I moved to London – I knew for at least a year I was going to make the move. But a lot had to fall in place before I could get on that plane – a visa, money being saved, resigning from my job, selling things. It wasn’t done in two weeks. I had about a six-month period of just 'waiting’ for my next season. 

Instead of hating every day, I re-focused on my health and made running and cooking my main focus. I also spent time with people I knew I wouldn’t have time with down the road. I filled my schedule with things that would serve me and make me happy. I didn’t stop ‘waiting’  for my breakthrough, but instead of pining for it, I made myself another goal for the transition period. It took up my time and energy and helped me stay positive until I received my visa and could book my ticket.

3. Remember: it’s worth the wait

Most people don’t try new things because it makes them uncomfortable or they can’t be bothered waiting. Or they settle for second-best and think "this will do" because they become tired of waiting. I know this – when you are ready to throw in the towel is usually when your breakthrough is right around the corner.

Life seems to test you to the limit and then gives you a breather. If you can stick it out, your breakthrough is always closer then you think.

Keep going. It’s always worth it in the end.

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