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Very few entrepreneurs can say they fundamentally changed how communities connect digitally, but one of the wealthiest and most influential humans on the planet can: Mark Zuckerberg.

From his dorm room in Harvard, this now 34-year-old launched Facebook, which would eventually revolutionize and arguably, create social media. Along with five other roommates, the original version was only available to students with .edu email addresses, but rapidly attracted more than one billion users by 2012. It was this year he took the company public, and well as they say, the rest is history.

Today, he continues to lead the business and has a staggering estimated net worth of more than $67 billion. Though the company has definitely had its ups and downs, scandals and upsets, Zuckerberg leads from the helam, protecting this brainchild he created. To become one of the richest and most impactful people on the planet takes discipline and a strategic balance of life and work. Here, daily habits Zuckerberg swears by:

He checks Facebook when he wakes up—duh.


The alarm clock rings, notifying you of the start of a new day. You roll over, half-asleep, trying not to wake your partner (or your dog) and click off the sound. What do you do next?

Either, you snooze away or you begin the ritual of seeing what happened while you were in dreamland: your email, your messages and of course, Facebook. Even though he created one of the most used apps in the world, Zuckerberg is a lot like us, revealing the first thing he does when he gets up around 8 a.m. is take a look at Facebook.

It’s a pretty sad situation to be honest. I have contacts and I can’t see very well. And before I put my contacts in I often look to see what is going on Facebook… I’m very near-sighted to so I have to [holds pretend phone close to his face].”

Is this a healthy way to greet a Monday, Tuesday or any of them? Yes and no—but Zuckerberg it is different, since he’s not only catching up personally but professionally, too. This means he’s activating his productivity from wink number one. As long as you don’t allow your morning scroll to start your day with stress, it’s probably A-okay to copy his habit. Just make sure to get up and move, too!

He spends time with his pup.

Zuckerberg revealed he tries his best to maintain an exercise routine that gets his heart rate up three days a week. After he’s checked technology and enjoyed the morning with his wife and daughters, he says he enjoys going for a run with his dog, Beast.

Not only is working out an effective way to get creative juices flowing and speed up your metabolism, but spending time with treasured animals is good for the soul, too. Countless research has determined just how impactful these four-legged buddies can be — from lowering your stress and increasing your fitness level to decreasing your blood pressure and well, making you happier.

He wears the same thing everyday.


Take any of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, movers-or-shakers and they probably have a few things in common: they get up early. They stay focused. And well, they wear the same damn thing every day.

Zuckerberg is no different, since he sports jeans, sneakers and a gray t-shirt. Why this approach, when really, they could purchase any type of fashion they’d ever want? Many credit it to an unnecessary decision that takes away from other meaningful contributions. “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community,” he shared.

When you consider how many times you’ve stood in front of your closet, scratching your head and unable to make a decision, the thought of a go-to outfit might sound more appealing, and make space for more achievements in your life. Or even, less of a mess in your bedroom.

He continuously learns.

Running one of the largest companies in the world is definitely a full-time job, and one Zuckerberg estimates spending more than 50 hours a week doing. But he doesn’t want to use all of his brain power wholeheartedly dedicated to his 9-5, so he makes an effort to improve his mental capacity through other pursuits.

In an interview, he shared he tries to read a book every two weeks, and even takes on yearly challenges that really give him time to dive deep into a topic or expertise. From learning Mandarin Chinese to running one mile every day and building an AI for his home, he uses these mile markers to keep him focused and inspired.

Setting personal goals is an effective, incomparable way to truly improve your cognitive abilities, practice self-reliance and supercharge your creativity. So do as a Zuckerberg would do, and figure out what will help you mind the path.

He spends time with his family.


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Max loves Beast. Her first word: dog.

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Talented in technology, for sure. Visionary, definitely. But also a family man, through and through. He’s been married to his wife Priscilla Chan for six years and together, they have two daughters, Max and August.

Zuckerberg might keep himself occupied with work, exercise and challenges, but he also carves out time to soak up the love of the family he’s created. From traveling together to reading his girls a nightly Jewish prayer, this executive unwinds and connects to those he cherishes the most. Not only is this good for his psyche, but in the long run, will benefit his children and help cement their bond as a foursome.

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