A healthier lifestyle is about making a lot of consistent, little changes that build better habits overtime.

When it comes to work, create a healthier office space and avoid the dreaded “sitting disease” that has been deemed as harmful to your health as smoking with an ergonomic piece of furniture: the standing desk.


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Benefits of Standing Desks

Reduced risk of diseases

A few hours per day of sedentary behavior has been linked to an increased risk of suffering from heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. And yes, this is true even if you exercise regularly: a 2014 study found that sitting for two hours cancels out the benefits of 20 minutes of exercise.

Using a standing desk can help you combat the hazards of extended periods of sitting and maximize the benefits of your sweat sessions.

Better posture and less pain

Standing desks help combat the back pain caused by hunching and slouching at your desk. Excessive sitting also makes your hips tight and causes your glute muscles to become lazy and inactive, which in turn drives other areas of your body to compensate and can lead to joint pain.

Plus, when adjusted properly, a standing desk allows you to keep your computer screen at eye level to help prevent neck and eye strain.

What to Look For

When shopping for a standing desk, you need to consider your workspace and whether the dimensions and design of a specific desk will be realistic for your office or home. It’s an investment, so you also want to make sure it comes with a good warranty.

If you’re a first-time standing desk user, you need a model you can easily adjust, as you will find yourself often alternating between periods of sitting and standing while getting used to working while standing.

Standing Desks for an Ergonomic Workspace

Ready to shop? We’ve rounded up some options for various budgets and work situations — yes, even for you, digital nomads!

Stand Steady X-Elite

Best For: Standing desk novices

Standing desks are great, but to reap their benefits you should still alternate between periods of standing, sitting and moving around. This adjustable standing desk converter goes up and down seamlessly, meaning you can easily and often switch positions while working.

SEE IT: $169.93 at Amazon.com

Ergotron WorkFit

Best For: Co-working spaces

The leader in the sit-stand revolution is launching a new product designed for the modern office worker. The WorkFit-Z Mini sits on top of your desk, doesn’t require any mounting or clamping, and easily moves up and down. Its space-saving design is perfect if you work in a cramped office or a co-working space, and it features a special holder for displaying your smartphone or tablet.

SEE IT: $415.00 at Amazon.com


Best For: Committed standing desk users 

This is an adjustable-height standing desk that allows users to easily switch between standing and sitting while working.

The VARIDESK is designed to increase energy, health, and productivity throughout the work day.The brand is higher-end, but it offers a range of standing desks for all sizes as well as accessories such as cushioned mats for your feet to complete your ergonomic setup.

SEE IT: $395.00 at Amazon.com

MojoDesk Adjustable Ergonomically Sit-Stand

Best For: People with very specific posture issues

A highly customizable sit-to-stand desk, the One Touch Memory Control is great if you need a very specific environment to feel pain-free and comfortable. You can save your settings to make sure the desk is adjusted at your sweet spot every time you get to work.

SEE IT: $699.00 at Amazon.com 




Best For: Freelancers and digital nomads

If you love having the option to work from anywhere, this floating desk may be your new favorite gadget. The revolutionary DeskView desk was invented last year and brought to market in April 2017.

The brand uses industrial-grade suction discs — they can support over 40 pounds — that allow the desk to securely be mounted to glass and windows and other nonporous surfaces, which creates a standing desk pretty much anywhere. DeskView was named one of the best smart home products of 2017 by Architectural Digest.

SEE IT: $265.00 at Deskview.co 


How to Use a Standing Desk

Now that you’ve chosen the right standing desk for you, you want to make sure you’re using it correctly. Here are a few tips:

  1. Adjust the height of your desk/screen so that your eyes directly face your monitor
  2. Make sure the table height is at or slightly below your elbows
  3. Maintain a proper posture — don’t lean on one foot more than the other
  4. Vary your position and alternate periods of sitting, standing and walking
  5. Get an anti-fatigue mat to stand on to protect your knees and lower back

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