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Beyoncé​: Our Mistakes Make Us Who We Are
Beyonce - Our MIstakes Make Us Who We Are

Beyoncé​: Our Mistakes Make Us Who We Are

Beyoncé - We're All Worth It

Beyoncé tells women to remember that they are worth it, and reminds people not to fear mistakes, because they make us who we are.


"I was a bit overwhelmed and overworked. My mother was the person that preached to me and almost harassed me every day after I was doing the last world tour, you really need to live your life and open your eyes. You don't want to wake up with no memories and never really being able to see the world. Sometimes we work so hard and we try to take care of everyone else, we forget that we're worth it. That's something that I believe in and is something that I stand for with all of my music. I'm always trying to remember or remind us women, even myself, how strong we are, and we deserve everything.

"Every night when I go to sleep, I ask hundred of questions, but I'm learning so much. I'm making mistakes and I'm learning from them and I'm not afraid to make a mistake. I embrace mistakes. They make you who you are. I've never been afraid to fall. I say all these things, but now I'm getting tested.

"Sometimes we don't always feel beautiful. Sometimes we have our days where we feel under the weather or sad or overwhelmed. You know, I'm a strong believer that when you're feeling down, you don't just stay in the bed and just sulk in that. You pull yourself together, and it is the beginning of overcoming whatever you're going through. It all starts with confidence. It all starts with self-esteem. We're all worth it."

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