Bob Ross – Never Be Satisfied (Video)


“I think probably nothing will teach you more than just experimenting. Do as many different things as you have the nerve to do. You just go for it. Sometimes you learn more from mistakes than you do from trying so hard. So, anytime you make a mistake, before you get upset with it, look at it. Sometimes those mistakes turn into being the best learning devices we have.

And I think if there’s a secret to human nature it’s the fact that we aren’t satisfied. I hope you’re absolutely plagued with dissatisfaction your whole life. Because if you are, you’ll always strive to do better. Over and over I tell my students, if you ever do a painting you’re completely satisfied with, you might as well quit ’cause you have nowhere else to go. And the next one that I do is gonna be my masterpiece. Probably won’t be this one, but the next one.”

– Bob Ross from “The Joy of Living”