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Why do we love motivational quotes so much? And why do the sayings of some famous personalities and inspiring figures transcend generations? Beyond the fact that words are powerful — anyone who’s ever been moved to tears by a great speech, a movie scene or a book can attest to this, it’s about the idea that we can find a quick dose of inspiration when we need it the most, when we feel down and don’t have anyone to turn to for comforting words of advice.

Besides, knowing that some of the most influential people in the world have gone through adversity and accomplished incredible things makes their words comforting when dealing with our daily lives and our own dreams, fears and experiences.

Here at Goalcast, we like to draw and create inspiration from everything around us, and the words of wisdom of amazing leaders, thinkers, creators, rebels, entrepreneurs, and even fictional characters, are part of our reference points for providing you with the tools you need to become the best version of yourself.

We compile the best inspirational quotes on a daily basis to help give you the motivation you need to tackle life with courage, self-love, passion and gusto. Because sometimes words can make the whole difference. And because the more we share knowledge and wisdom, the better off we will all be.

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