top 20 most inspiring angelina jolie quotes

Top 20 Most Inspiring Angelina Jolie Quotes

If we were to describe Angelina Jolie in one word, it would surely be “compassionate”. The beautiful mother of 6 children (three of whom...

21 Anthony Hopkins Quotes on Living a Happy and Worry-Free Life

Born on December 31, 1937, Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of Hollywood’s most distinguished actors and a living legend. Hopkins...

23 Uma Thurman Quotes to Make You Regain Your Confidence

Uma Karuna Thurman, born April 29, 1970, is an American actress and model; but you already knew that. What you may not know though,...

25 Al Pacino Quotes For a Simpler Philosophy of Life

Al Pacino is one of the few actors to hold the “Triple Crown of Acting”. Here are 25 Al Pacino quotes that reveal a simple life philosophy.

18 Inspiring Robert Downey Jr. Quotes on Resilience and Optimism

Robert Downey Jr. is an A-list American actor and singer, and definitely one of the most highly respected artists in Hollywood. Over the course of...

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