Self-Isolation Can Be A Blessing In Disguise — Let History Show You Why

While self-isolation seems to have halted life as we know it in the world, this isn't the first time that humans have had to go through something like this. In fact, great things have resulted from people isolating due to plagues and pandemics. It can remind us that a daunting situation can have its positives.

At 50, Jennifer Lopez Proves That Women Can Age and Continue to Thrive

With a refreshing approach to ageism, Jennifer Lopez is living proof that women can continue to thrive, regardless of their age.

Online Dating Has Its Unexpected Good Sides, Especially In Self-Quarantine Times

While online dating has led many a person to become disillusioned with the whole dating industry, it can also be surprisingly effective in creating connections when situations aren't necessarily favorable. Take the coronavirus pandemic for example!

Separated by Coronavirus, Husband Celebrates 67th Anniversary Outside His Wife’s Nursing Home

While the whole world is affected by the new measures to counter the coronavirus' contagion, there are still individuals who find creative ways to deal with distance. Bob Shellard did not want to miss his wedding anniversary, despite being separated from his wife. So he decided to do this.

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth Prove a Whirlwind Romance Can Be Everlasting

Reese Witherspoon went through a highly publicized breakup with her once husband Ryan Phillippe. Rumors of his infidelity only added weight to an already difficult situation. However, years later, she found true love with an unexpected person, Jim Toth.

When ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Works…and When It Doesn’t

Not everybody is born with innate confidence and self-doubt is a universal condition. However, the method of "Fake It Till You Make It' has been providing an interesting way to overcome the trials of shaky self-esteem and self-doubt. However, it has to be done the right way.

Learning How to Be Lighter: Unburdening Myself from a Past of Abuse

A past of abuse can really impact how you live your life and how you perceive yourself. It can be exhausting to carry the weight of trauma on you at all times. This is why it's worth making the effort to get rid of it.

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