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Couple Reunites 5 Siblings By Officially Adopting Them All

Thomas and Andi Bonura knew they simply could not only adopt one pair of siblings without taking all of them.

Woman Learns The Life-changing Truth Behind Her Burn Scars

Annie Price grew up believing her biological mother had deliberately tried to burn her. When she learned the truth behind her scar, her life changed.

6-Year-Old Boy Risks His Life To Save Baby Sister From Dog Attack

When a charging dog came towards his sister, 6-year-old Bridger did not think twice about saving his little sister's life from the dangerous creature.

Man Saves Cop From A Deadly Car Crash Despite His Past With The Police

Daylan McLee went to jail for a crime he did not commit. Despite this negative experience, he rushed to save a police officer's life without thinking twice.

Heroic Marine Catches Child Falling From Third Floor Of Burning Building

Jonathan Blanks showed exceptional heroism when he ran to catch a child who was falling from the third floor of a burning building, saving his life.

4 Years Ago, He Was Homeless–Today, He Bought His First House

Only 4 years ago, Chris Atoki was homeless but then, he had a moment of realization and turned his whole life around. Today, he is a homeowner.

Teenage Girl Saved Her Dad 16 Years After He Abandoned Her As A Baby

Matjames Metson lost everything when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. A phonecall from his estranged daughter turned his whole life around.

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