When a South Korean tourist van gets stuck in front of a Buffalo home, a couple offers them shelter when they need it most.

If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, you never know the friendships that can be formed.

Alex and Andrea Campagna, a couple in Buffalo, were enjoying their Christmas Eve dinner when they heard a frantic knock on the door. Outside, a record-breaking blizzard had dropped a meter of snow on the road. Alex opened the door to two men asking for shovels as their van had gotten stuck outside. 

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The men informed Alex that they were a tourist group from South Korea and that eight others were waiting in the van, heading to Niagara Falls. “I could not see this bus,” Alex said, “But I could see the stream of people approaching our house.” As the snow was too deep to drive through, Alex instructed the nine travelers and their driver to find shelter inside. The group of tourists followed him inside, exclaiming it was the most snow they had ever seen in their lives.

Alex and Andrea were well prepared and had recently restocked their pantry in anticipation of Buffalo’s oncoming storm. They had enough food and drink to go around and offered the group beds, couches, and sleeping bags while they waited for the weather to improve.

The group ended up spending Christmas weekend with the Campagnas. They bonded over a mutual love of Korean food and taking turns making traditional Korean dishes — with the ingredients Alex and Andrea had previously bought.

Alexander Campagna/Facebook

Two of the tourists were recently married and were spending their honeymoon in New York together. Alex took the opportunity to do something special for the newlyweds. He brought out a bottle of champagne for the group to enjoy, which made everyone feel right at home. “Hey, we have a bottle of champagne, let’s get it chilled and surprise them with a little honeymoon toast,” Alex said.

Drivers picked up the tourists on Sunday after the Buffalo Bills game. The roads were finally cleared and they were able to get back to New York City. One of the tourists, Choi Yoseob, recalls this experience as a miracle. “I can’t describe it in words, it’s like I met angels,” he said, “They made my honeymoon unforgettable.” Yoseob and his wife stayed in New York City to watch the ball drop while the rest of the group went home to South Korea for the start of the new year.

Alex and Andrea showed their caring nature when they heard a knock on the door. They turned a scary and dangerous situation into a weekend of love and relaxation. The tourists stayed safe and warm for the holiday weekend and exchanged countless stories about the places they’ve been. Although they didn’t get to see The Falls, they’ll always have an amazing story about Buffalo. 

Because Alex and Andrea were willing to open their door to strangers in a desperate situation, they managed to make ten new friends and make the weekend a whole lot better.

What’s more, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) heard of the couple’s goodwill and invited them for a week-long trip sponsored by the KTO in the springtime.

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

You never know where a little bit of kindness can take you.