One man didn’t hesitate to throw himself off a 20-foot drop in order to protect his little girl.

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Fatherhood is a life-changing event. However, just because it is life-changing does not mean everyone is good at it!

There are some people whose idea of fatherhood is just showing up, but there are other people who will stop at nothing to love and protect their children with all of their might. One Nebraska man is an example of the fathers whose boundless love is able to save a life. 

How an a Minnesota Hike Turned into a Horror Scene

family going on a hike
Photo by Alberto Casetta on Unsplash

Parents Jim Baker and Kellie Clancy were taking a leisurely hike on vacation in Minnesota with their daughter Alma one afternoon, taking family photos and enjoying the nature around them, when something unimaginable happened.

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All of a sudden, Kellie could no longer hear Alma. She did, however, hear her husband Jim screaming -– and the scene frightened her. 

Why One Father Jumped Off a Cliff During a Family Hike

Father and daughter silhouette playing at sunset

Kellie saw that Alma had fallen off the side of one of the trail’s cliffs -– a 20-foot drop.

Luckily, her dad had been standing right next to her and threw himself off of the cliff as soon as he saw she had lost her footing. He was able to grab her mid-air and turn the pair of them so that he would be able to completely cushion her fall.

It looked like Jim was diving into a swimming pool off the side of a cliff.

Kellie Clancy

When they landed, Alma was safe, having suffered only a few bumps and bruises, as well as a minor concussion. Jim, on the other hand, was not so lucky. He was facing life-threatening injuries and had to undergo two major surgeries on his face, leaving his jaw temporarily wired shut. He would also go on to have surgery on his wrist. 

How a Community Supported an Injured Father and Daughter

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Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

Clancy and Baker have been blown away by the generosity and love shown to them by their community after this traumatic event. A GoFundMe was set up for the heroic dad, raising more that $24,000.

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Not only that, but people have been providing meals and free childcare while the family recuperates. The story is a beautiful reminder that it takes a village not only to raise a child, but also to care for a father when he puts everything on the line to protect his family.

“It’s such a tremendous gift that the community has given us,” said said Kellie Clancy. “That Alma is okay and Jim is okay and the community has been so financially generous with us.”

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