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Dame Dash Exposes Jay-Z’s 20 Year Silence After R. Kelly’s Abuse & Secret Marriage to Aaliyah

For 20 years Jay-Z has refused to speak out against R. Kelly, but now Dame Dash is finally revealing what Jay’s been trying to hide.

Dame Dash & Jay-Z were like brothers as they built an empire together, so how did they go from best friends to worst enemies? For years, people have blamed their falling out on everything from Dame’s anger issues to a love triangle with Dame’s girlfriend Aaliyah - but the truth goes way deeper. When Dame fell in love with Aaliyah she was still healing from an abusive relationship with R. Kelly, and after she was killed in a horrific plane crash he was determined to protect her memory. But instead of supporting his best friend, Jay-Z committed the ultimate betrayal.

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Mo’Nique Finally Confronts Oprah After Backstabbing and Blacklisting

Mo’Nique finally confronts Oprah Winfrey about the backstabbing, blacklisting, and betrayal. Like many, Mo’Nique grew up idolizing Oprah Winfrey. She was successful, generous, and extremely powerful. When Mo’Nique’s career took off and she got the chance to work closely with Oprah, they became good friends. It was a dream come true! But that dream didn’t last long. Mo’Nique was blacklisted from Hollywood after saying ‘no’ to some powerful Hollywood producers like Lee Daniels. Why didn't Oprah defend her? We discovered that Oprah and Monique’s feud wasn’t just professional, but deeply personal. Mo’Nique had confided in Oprah about her abusive childhood, thinking she could trust her. But a couple months later Oprah had Mo’Nique’s abusive family on her talk show without Mo’Niques permission.