Dick Costolo – Be In This Moment

Former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo shares advice on how to live your life and be in the present.


“I don’t feel like I can stand here and tell you to try to have an impact. Because the problem seems so massive, it seems impossible to make any impact at all, and you just end up feeling like you can’t do anything. What I implore you to do is believe that if you make courageous choices and bet on yourself, and put yourself out there, that you will have an impact as a result of what you do. You don’t need to know now what that will be or how it will happen, because nobody ever does. Be bold. Make courageous choices for yourself. Be in the Keebler Elf factory. What are you afraid of? Secondly, don’t always worry about what your next line is supposed to be, what you’re supposed to do next. There’s no script. Live your life. Be in this moment. Be in this moment. Now be in this moment.”