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Justin Long Confronts Drew Barrymore

Will Drew finally admit why she really broke up with Justin Long just days after he was kidnapped?

Justin Long narrowly escaped death to only have girlfriend, Drew Barrymore, break up with him days later. What really happened between the two actors?

When Drew Barrymore first started dating actor Justin Long he seemed like the perfect guy for her. But Drew was Hollywood’s favourite wild child, and their relationship threw him into the spotlight. Justin had never experienced the bad side of fame until one night when he was drugged and kidnapped by a group of guys at a bar. Justin narrowly escaped death by jumping out a moving car. He thought he was safe but we discovered that just TWO DAYS after the kidnapping Drew dumped him. Neither Justin or Drew have ever spoken about their break up, but now 10 years later they’re finally reuniting. Will Drew finally admit why she really broke up with him?

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