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Fam Mirza Goes In Deep On Failure

Fam Mirza Goes In Deep On Failure

Fam Speaks - Opposing Thoughts

Public figure Fam Mirza explains in depth how flirting with the uncomfortable and failure will help you strive to greatness. Enter his contest to get a chance to win 10,000$!


It's so comfortable just to watch movies. As soon as you get home just sit on the couch and do that. But it's uncomfortable to learn about new situations, new things, new knowledge and do that. Be comfortable. I mean, at the end of the day, you're fearful of what? What's the worst that can happen? You're gonna fail? You might catch some nicks and bruises on the way? That's life. I remember Henry Ford was asked in a interview years ago, how do you become so successful? Why are you so successful? Why are you the best car company in the world, the biggest car company in the world? He said the key to success is to double your failure rate. Because in the end, we are all failures. Well, at least the best of us are.

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