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Stranger Shows Up at Womans House in the Middle of the Night - Her Doorbell Camera Catches the Entire Exchange
Firefighter Drives Hours in the Middle of the Night Just to Return Woman’s Lost Purse
Everyday Heroes

Stranger Shows Up at Womans House in the Middle of the Night - Her Doorbell Camera Catches the Entire Exchange

A woman's purse isn't just a bag. It serves a valuable purpose — carrying important, personal items you need. Essential things like your wallet, credit cards, ID, phone, car keys, chapstick...a bag of Doritos (you know, in case of emergencies).

So when U.K. resident Georgia lost hers after attending her staff Christmas party, she was understandably upset. In the words of the great Bonnie Tyler, she needed a hero.

Lucky for her, she had one. He may not have been a "knight on a fiery steed" but he does know a thing or two about fire. Nyma Zadeh, an off-duty firefighter, found her purse in a gas station and then drove over an hour in the middle of the night just to return it.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Footage of Nyma's heartwarming act of kindness was captured by Georgia's ring doorbell camera and shared by her employer, Bows Boutiques, on social media where it promptly went viral (because who doesn't love a hero?)


We had the Bows Christmas Party last night the pics to follow but I wanted to share this video… one of the girls lost her handbag and this guy came to Hertfordshire from North London to bring it back because he found it!! It’s safe to say he was the hero and we are all at Bows so grateful for making our girl so happy ❤️ how amazing is this to do and a huge THANK YOU ☺️

The black and white video shows Nyma standing on the front step in the dead of night saying, "I've got your bag. Are you Georgia?"

After confirming that yes, she was indeed Georgia, the relieved woman tells him that she's been crying her eyes out over her lost purse. She even offers to give him a monetary reward, which in true hero form, he refuses.

“Do you know what? I was going to leave it till tomorrow morning,” he responds. “But I remember my ex lost her bag on a night out, and she was under stress. And I just thought, ‘You know what, I’ll just go and drop it off now.’”

This guy KNOWS.

After he puts the purse in her recycling bin Georgia once again tries to offer him money. Again he refuses.

"Just pay it forward. Just do something nice for the next person," Nyma tells her. "I'm a firefighter, I don't need money for doing a good deed."

And then, like the superhero he is, Nyma slips off into the night. However, his identity doesn't remain secret for long. Thanks to the power of social media and hordes of inquiring minds who wanna know, it doesn't take long before someone recognizes him.

As for how he feels about becoming the world's newest superhero? He's just happy he could help and he hopes the purse is okay.

"Glad to help... hope the bag didn't get too dirty from the inside of the bin," he jokingly commented on Bows Boutiques' IG post.

Once a Hero, Always a Hero

It seems Nyma is in the habit of finding and returning lost things. According to a post on X (formerly Twitter), he returned a woman's lost dog last year. For that good deed, the grateful owner donated £250 to the Firefighters Charity in Nyma's honor.

As for Georgia's lost purse? It may seem insignificant but to anyone who has lost a purse or a wallet, it's a big deal. Nyma could have chosen a different way to deal with it. He could have just ignored it or left it with the gas station attendant.

Instead, he chose to drive over an hour IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to return it.

As one commenter aptly put it, "What a total gent and a decent human being. Restores your faith in humanity." 

In an update, Bows Boutiques reveals that three days after the Christmas party Georgia and Nyma met face-to-face. And it turns out, he's just as wonderful in the light of day.

"He is such a genuine kind man it was an absolute pleasure to meet him. His videos had millions of views and we hope he will be a positive influence on many," they captioned their post.

Nyma's sweet act of kindness proves that it doesn't take money or a grand gesture to make a real difference in someone's life. Sometimes positively impacting someone's life looks like something as simple as returning a lost purse.

After all, it costs nothing to do the right thing (except maybe a tank of gas *wink*).

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