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Flight Attendant Meets Teacher After 30 Years - Makes a Speech About Her True Nature in Front of All the Passengers
Flight Attendant Shows Her Appreciation for Her Old Teacher After Meeting Her by Chance
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Flight Attendant Meets Teacher After 30 Years - Makes a Speech About Her True Nature in Front of All the Passengers

The speech made her old teacher emotional.

Being a teacher can be a thankless job. Day in and day out, educators keep a positive attitude while teaching children not only to succeed academically, but also to develop the soft life skills that will help them thrive in their interpersonal and social relationships.

One flight attendant recently ran into a teacher who had a huge impact on her life, and gave her a show of gratitude she would never forget. 

How a Flight Attendant Met Her Teacher After 30 Years

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National Teacher’s Day falls on October 5th. Most of us give a small social media shoutout or call our close friends who are teachers to pay them a little compliment, but we rarely try to get in touch with old teachers who impacted our life.

Lora Caruso, a flight attendant working a Toronto to Los Angeles flight, was given the opportunity to truly show her gratitude for an old teacher when she bumped into her on a flight during National Teacher’s Day. 

Lora bumped into Ms. O’Connell, her old teacher, and recognized her right away -- even though the two hadn’t seen each other in thirty years!

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She was immediately overcome by good memories of Ms. O’Connell, so she decided to share her feelings with her passengers. She picked up the intercom, and started her shout-out. 

“This lady made me love Shakespeare, got me to play piano — I have my master’s in piano and I can write an essay,” Lora said.

Lora began by telling the passengers that it was National Teacher’s Day, and she wanted to take the opportunity to give praise to her old teacher who was on board. She explained to everyone that Ms. O’Connell was the best teacher she had ever had, and gave her credit for her love of music and literature.

How One Woman Proved the Importance of Showing Appreciation

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Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

When her shoutout was over, Ms. O’Connell told her former student that the message had made her day. In response, Lora told Ms. O’Connell that she had “made her life.”

A fellow passenger caught the interaction on video, and shared it via TikTok -- where it went viral! Thousands of viewers liked the video and left comments of support for the teacher.

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Over and over again, people commented on how important teachers are for the future and for good education. Many commenters even suggested that Ms. O’Connell should have been given an upgrade instead of a simple shoutout. Lora agreed, but explained that the flight was full that day. 

Teachers shape the leaders of the future, and it is important to remember to always show gratitude and share the impact your educators have had on you. After all, a simple show of affection could in turn inspire someone else to become a teacher and change the world.


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